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Lyn Z Bassist Bassist for Mindless Self Indulgence 22-May-1976 -
Morton Dauwen Zabel Educator Craft and Character 10-Aug-1901 28-Apr-1964
William Zabka Actor Opponent of The Karate Kid 20-Oct-1965 -
Grace Zabriskie Actor Sarah Palmer in Twin Peaks 17-May-1941 -
John L. Zabriskie Business CEO of Pharmacia & Upjohn, 1995-97 c. 1940 -
Mark Zachares Government Abramoff confederate 01-Jan-1958 -
Mammen Zachariah Doctor Cardiologist c. 1948 -
Zachariah P. Zachariah Doctor Cardiologist ? -
John B. Zachry Business CEO of Zachry Construction c. 1962 -
Pia Zadora Singer The Clapping Song 04-May-1953 -
Saul Zaentz Film/TV Producer One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest 28-Feb-1921 -
Mike S. Zafirovski Business CEO of Nortel c. 1954 -
Nina Zagat Critic Zagat Survey 12-Aug-1942 -
Tim Zagat Critic Zagat Survey 13-Jun-1940 -
Mariel Zagunis Sports Figure Fencing gold medalist 03-Mar-1985 -
Mahmoud Zahar Activist Hamas co-founder, spokesman 1945 -
Babe Zaharias Golf Best female athlete of all time 26-Jun-1914 27-Sep-1956
Fazlollah Zahedi Head of State Prime Minister of Iran, 1953-55 1897 02-Sep-1963
Paula Zahn Journalist CNN's Paula Zahn Now 24-Feb-1956 -
Steve Zahn Actor Glenn in Out of Sight 13-Nov-1968 -
Steven Zaillian Screenwriter Schindler's List 30-Jan-1953 -
Fareed Zakaria Journalist Time columnist 20-Jan-1965 -
Jordan C. Zaken Business Apollo Management c. 1975 -
Sam H. Zakhem Diplomat US Ambassador to Bahrain, 1986-89 25-Nov-1935 -
Lorenzo H. Zambrano Business CEO of Cemex 1945 -
Zamfir Musician Pan flute virtuoso 06-Apr-1941 -
Sheree Zampino Relative Ex-Wife of Will Smith 16-Nov-1967 -
Dominic Zamprogna Actor The Boys Club 21-Apr-1979 -
Leyla Zana Politician Imprisoned for speaking Kurdish 03-May-1961 -
Edward J. Zander Business CEO of Motorola, 2004-07 12-Jan-1947 -
Robin Zander Musician Cheap Trick vocalist 23-Jan-1953 -
Zane Novelist The Sex Chronicles c. 1967 -
Billy Zane Actor The Phantom 24-Feb-1966 -
Lisa Zane Actor Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare 05-Apr-1961 -
Giuseppe Zangara Assassin Tried to kill Franklin D. Roosevelt 07-Sep-1900 20-Mar-1933
Ken Zangara Business Albuquerque car dealer c. 1952 -
Israel Zangwill Playwright Children of the Ghetto 14-Feb-1864 01-Aug-1926
Richard F. Zannino Business CEO of Dow Jones, 2006-07 c. 1958 -
Nick Zano Actor Vince on What I Like About You 08-Mar-1979 -
Darryl F. Zanuck Film/TV Producer Ran 20th Century Fox, 1935-71 05-Sep-1902 22-Dec-1979
Richard D. Zanuck Film/TV Producer Driving Miss Daisy 13-Dec-1934 13-Jul-2012
Krzysztof Zanussi Film Director A Year of the Quiet Sun 17-Jun-1939 -
Albert C. Zapanta Government US Mexico Chamber of Commerce c. 1941 -
Emiliano Zapata Activist Mexican patriot, revolutionary 08-Aug-1879 10-Apr-1919
José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero Head of State Prime Minister of Spain 04-Aug-1960 -
Ahmet Zappa Musician Son of Frank Zappa 15-May-1974 -
Diva Muffin Zappa Relative Daughter of Frank Zappa 30-Jul-1979 -
Dweezil Zappa Guitarist Son of Frank Zappa 05-Sep-1969 -
Frank Zappa Composer Joe's Garage 21-Dec-1940 04-Dec-1993
Moon Unit Zappa Actor Daughter of Frank Zappa 28-Sep-1967 -
Joseph Zappala Diplomat US Ambassador to Spain, 1989-92 1945 -
Abraham Zapruder Cinematographer Documented JFK's assassination on film 15-May-1905 30-Aug-1970
Zarathustra Religion Founder of Zoroastrianism c. 600 BC c. 550 BC
Frank G. Zarb Business US Energy Czar, 1974-77 17-Feb-1935 -
Donna F. Zarcone Business Former Harley Davidson executive c. 1957 -
Asif Ali Zardari Head of State President of Pakistan 22-Jul-1955 -
Peter T. Zarella Judge Justice, Connecticut Supreme Court 13-Oct-1949 -
Herbert J. Zarkin Business CEO of BJ's Wholesale Club c. 1938 -
Abu Musab al-Zarqawi Terrorist Former top al Qaeda operative in Iraq 20-Oct-1966 07-Jun-2006
John Zarrella Journalist CNN Miami bureau chief c. 1954 -
Ronald L. Zarrella Business CEO of Bausch & Lomb, 2001-08 1949 -
Jeffrey Zaslow Author Replaced Ann Landers 06-Oct-1958 10-Feb-2012
Valdis Zatlers Head of State President of Latvia 22-Mar-1955 -
Ayman al-Zawahiri Terrorist Founder, Islamic Jihad 19-Jun-1951 -
Jamie Zawinski Computer Programmer Netscape geek and SF club owner 03-Nov-1968 -
Hector Zazou Composer Electronic and World music composer 11-Jul-1948 08-Sep-2008
Natalie Zea Actor Winona Hawkins on Justified 17-Mar-1975 -
Ernesto Zedillo Head of State President of Mexico, 1994-2000 27-Dec-1951 -
Pieter Zeeman Physicist Discovered Zeeman Effect 25-May-1865 09-Oct-1943
Kevin Zeese Activist Common Sense for Drug Policy 1955 -
Franco Zeffirelli Film Director Romeo and Juliet 12-Feb-1923 -
Kevin Zegers Actor Air Bud 19-Sep-1984 -
John D. Zeglis Business CEO of AT&T Wireless, 1999-2004 1947 -
Fred S. Zeidman Business GOP activist c. 1947 -
Alfred M. Zeien Business CEO of Gillette, 1991-99 25-Feb-1930 -
Solomon Zeitlin Historian Dead Sea Scrolls debunker 1886 1976
Jochen Zeitz Business CEO of Puma AG 06-Apr-1963 -
Manuel Zelaya Head of State President of Honduras, 2006-09 20-Sep-1952 -
Roger Zelazny Novelist Damnation Alley 13-May-1937 14-Jun-1995
William Zeliff Politician Congressman from New Hampshire, 1991-97 12-Jun-1936 -
Philip Zelikow Government 9-11 Commission executive director 21-Sep-1954 -
Harry von Zell Actor You're in the Navy Now 11-Jul-1906 21-Nov-1981
Matthew Zell Business Equity Group Investments c. 1967 -
Samuel Zell Business Equity Office Properties billionaire 28-Sep-1941 -
James David Zellerbach Business US Ambassador to Italy, 1957-60 17-Jan-1892 1963
Renée Zellweger Actor Bridget Jones' Diary 25-Apr-1969 -
Strauss Zelnick Business CEO of BMG Entertainment, 1998-2000 26-Jun-1957 -
Roschdy Zem Actor Days of Glory 27-Sep-1965 -
Robert Zemeckis Film Director Back To The Future 14-May-1952 -
Jiang Zemin Head of State President of China天天乐棋牌, 1993-2003 17-Aug-1926 -
Meles Zenawi Head of State Prime Minister of Ethiopia 08-May-1955 20-Aug-2012
Zendaya Actor Rocky Blue on Shake It Up! 01-Sep-1996 -
John Peter Zenger Journalist Sedition against the Crown c. 1697 28-Jul-1746
Ferdinand von Zeppelin Business Builder of rigid airships 08-Jul-1838 08-Mar-1917
Anthony Zerbe Actor Dog boy in Cool Hand Luke 20-May-1936 -
Frits Zernike Physicist Phase-contrast microscope 16-Jul-1888 10-Mar-1966
Catherine Zeta-Jones Actor Traffic 25-Sep-1969 -
Sarah Zettel Author Reclamation, Fool's War Dec-1966 -
Mai Zetterling Actor The Witches 24-May-1925 17-Mar-1994
Warren Zevon Musician Werewolves of London 24-Jan-1947 07-Sep-2003
Ahmed H. Zewail Chemist Femtochemistry 26-Feb-1946 -
Zhang Yimou Film Director Hero 14-Nov-1951 -
Ziyi Zhang Actor Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon 09-Feb-1979 -
Zhelyu Zhelev Head of State President of Bulgaria, 1990-97 03-Mar-1935 -
Vladimir Zhirinovsky Politician Founder of Liberal Democratic Party 25-Apr-1946 -
Todor Zhivkov Head of State Leader of Bulgaria, 1954-89 07-Sep-1911 05-Aug-1998
Yang Zhiya Criminal Chinese serial killer, charged 65 murders c. 1968 14-Feb-2004
Georgi Zhukov Military Soviet commander during WWII 01-Dec-1896 18-Jun-1974
Khaleda Zia Head of State Twice Prime Minister of Bangladesh 15-Aug-1945 -
Muhammad Zia-ul-Haq Head of State Ruler of Pakistan, 1977-88 12-Aug-1924 17-Aug-1988
Zico Soccer Legendary Brazilian midfielder 03-Mar-1953 -
Zinédine Zidane Soccer Real Madrid FC 23-Jun-1972 -
Claude Zidi Film Director The Wing and the Thigh 25-Jul-1934 -
Howard Zieff Film Director Private Benjamin 21-Oct-1927 22-Feb-2009
Florenz Ziegfeld Theatre Producer The Ziegfeld Follies 21-Mar-1869 22-Jul-1932
Annette Kingsland Ziegler Judge Justice, Wisconsin Supreme Court 06-Mar-1964 -
John Ziegler Radio Personality Right-wing talk radio host 28-Mar-1967 -
John B. Ziegler Business Former executive, GlaxoSmithKline c. 1945 -
Karl Ziegler Chemist Researcher in plastics 26-Nov-1898 12-Aug-1973
Ron Ziegler Government Press Secretary for Nixon 12-May-1939 10-Feb-2003
Rafal Zielinski Film Director Screwballs 1957 -
James L. Ziemer Business CEO of Harley-Davidson c. 1950 -
Ian Ziering Actor Steve Sanders on Beverly Hills 90210 30-Mar-1964 -
Lawrence S. Zilavy Business Senior VP, Barnes & Noble College Inc. c. 1950 -
Annette Zilinskas Musician Blood on the Saddle vocalist, former Bangle 06-Nov-1962 -
John J. Zillmer Business CEO of Allied Waste Industries c. 1956 -
Herbert S. Zim Author Golden Guides 12-Jul-1909 05-Dec-1994
Madeline Zima Actor Grace Sheffield on The Nanny 16-Sep-1985 -
Efrem Zimbalist Violinist Russian-American violinist 09-Apr-1889 22-Feb-1985
Efrem Zimbalist, Jr. Actor The F.B.I. 30-Nov-1918 -
Stephanie Zimbalist Actor Remington Steele 08-Oct-1956 -
Philip Zimbardo Psychologist 1971 Stanford Prison Experiment 23-Mar-1933 -
Thomas J. Zimbrick Business CEO of Zimbrick, Inc. ? -
Carl Zimmer Author Evolution: The Triumph of an Idea 13-Jul--1966 -
Constance Zimmer Actor Claire Simms on Boston Legal 11-Oct-1970 -
Don Zimmer Baseball Red Sox, Padres, Cubs, manager 17-Jan-1931 -
George Zimmer Business Founder and CEO of Men's Wearhouse 21-Nov-1948 -
Hans Zimmer Composer The Buggles 12-Sep-1957 -
Kim Zimmer Actor Reva Shayne on The Guiding Light 02-Feb-1955 -
Norma Zimmer Singer Champagne Lady on Lawrence Welk 13-Jul-1923 10-May-2011
Richard Zimmer Politician Congressman from New Jersey, 1991-97 16-Aug-1944 -
Robert J. Zimmer Educator President, University of Chicago 05-Nov-1947 -
Gary Zimmerman Football NFL Hall of Famer 13-Dec-1961 -
George Zimmerman Criminal Defendant Killed Trayvon Martin 05-Oct-1983 -
Lawrence A. Zimmerman Business CFO of Xerox c. 1943 -
Michael J. Zimmerman Business CFO of ContiGroup c. 1951 -
Raymond Zimmerman Business CEO of Service Merchandise, 1981-97 c. 1933 -
Arthur Zimmermann Government Zimmerman Telegram 05-Oct-1864 06-Jun-1940
Phil Zimmermann Computer Programmer Creator of PGP 12-Feb-1954 -
Warren Zimmermann Diplomat US Ambassador to Yugoslavia, 1989-92 16-Nov-1934 02-Feb-2004
Nancy L. Zimpher Educator President, University of Cincinnati 29-Oct-1946 -
Larry D. Zimpleman Business CEO of Principal Financial Group c. 1951 -
Paul Zindel Author Books for young adults 15-May-1936 27-Mar-2003
Marvin Zindler Journalist Houston reporter, KTRK-TV 10-Aug-1921 29-Jul-2007
Rolf M. Zinkernagel Scientist T-cells and antigens 06-Jan-1944 -
Howard Zinn Historian A People's History of the United States 24-Aug-1922 27-Jan-2010
Fred Zinnemann Film Director From Here to Eternity 29-Apr-1907 14-Mar-1997
Anthony Zinni Military Former C-in-C, U.S. Central Command 17-Sep-1943 -
Grigory Zinoviev Government Old Bolshevik executed during the Great Purge 23-Sep-1883 25-Aug-1936
Karl Zinsmeister Government Bush domestic policy advisor 1959 -
Hans Zinsser Scientist Typhus vaccine 17-Nov-1878 04-Sep-1940
Preity Zinta Actor Kal Ho Naa Ho 31-Jan-1975 -
Marion Zioncheck Politician Congressman, committed suicide 05-Dec-1901 07-Aug-1936
Barry Zito Baseball SF Giants pitcher 13-May-1978 -
Chuck Zito Actor Hell's Angel, Bodyguard to the Stars, Oz 01-Mar-1953 -
Joseph Zito Film Director Missing In Action 14-May-1946 -
Jonathan Zittrain Educator The Future of the Internet and How to Stop It 24-Dec-1969 -
Duane E. Zitzner Business Former EVP, Hewlett Packard 26-Jun-1947 -
Zhao Ziyang Politician 6th Chinese Premier sought reforms 17-Oct-1919 16-Jan-2005
Slavoj Žižek Philosopher Lacan theorist, intellectual rockstar 21-Mar-1949 -
Zap Zlatoper Military US Navy Admiral (ret.) c. 1941 -
Adrian Zmed Actor Officer Romano in T.J. Hooker 04-Mar-1954 -
Fuzzy Zoeller Golf Winner of 2 Majors 11-Nov-1951 -
Robert Zoellick Government World Bank president, 2007-12 25-Jul-1953 -
George R. Zoffinger Business New Jersey Sports and Exposition Authority c. 1948 -
King Zog Royalty King of Albania 08-Oct-1895 09-Apr-1961
John Zogby Business Pollster 1948 -
Alex D. Zoghlin Business CTO of Orbitz, 2000-03 c. 1970 -
Émile Zola Novelist J'Accuse 02-Apr-1840 29-Sep-1902
George Zoley Business CEO, Wackenhut Corrections 07-Feb-1950 -
Alfred W. Zollar Business IBM executive, Tivoli Software c. 1955 -
William D. Zollars Business CEO of YRC Worldwide c. 1947 -
William S. Zoller Labor Leader Air Line Pilots Association c. 1949 -
Rob Zombie Singer Gravel-voiced White Zombie singer 12-Jan-1965 -
Sheri Moon Zombie Actor Wife of Rob Zombie 26-Sep-1970 -
Ron Zook Football Ex-Coach, Fighting Illini 28-Apr-1954 -
Edward J. Zore Business CEO of Northwestern Mutual 1945 -
Louis Zorich Actor Burt Buchman on Mad About You 12-Feb-1924 -
Edward Zorinsky Politician US Senator from Nebraska, 1976-87 11-Nov-1928 06-Mar-1987
Jim Zorn Football Former coach, Washington Redskins 10-May-1953 -
John Zorn Composer Prolific avant-garde composer 02-Sep-1953 -
Max Zorn Mathematician Zorn's Lemma 06-Jun-1906 09-Mar-1993
China天天乐棋牌 Zorrilla Actor Elsa & Fred 14-Mar-1922 -
Ed Zschau Politician Congressman from California, 1983-87 06-Jan-1940 -
Richard Zsigmondy Chemist Ultramicroscope 01-Apr-1865 23-Sep-1929
Viktor Zubkov Politician Chairman of Gazprom 15-Sep-1941 -
Edward G. Zubler Inventor Inventor of the halogen lamp 12-Mar-1925 20-Mar-2004
Robert Zubrin Engineer Mars Direct c. 1952 -
George Zucco Actor Fog Island 11-Jan-1886 28-May-1960
John E. Zuccotti Business Real estate tycoon 23-Jun-1937 -
David Zucker Film Director Airplane! 16-Oct-1947 -
Jerry Zucker Film Director Ghost 11-Mar-1950 -
Mark Zuckerberg Business Founder of Facebook 14-May-1984 -
Mort Zuckerman Business Owner, New York Daily News 04-Jun-1937 -
Harb Saleh al-Zuhair Business Saudi Arabian industrialist 04-Jul-1938 -
Louis Zukofsky Poet Co-Founded Objectivist poetry movement 23-Jan-1904 12-May-1978
Adolph Zukor Business Founder of Paramount Pictures 07-Jan-1873 10-Jun-1976
Andrea M. Zulberti Business Former Global CAO, Barclays Global Investors c. 1951 -
Zulu Actor Kono on Hawaii 5-O 17-Oct-1937 03-May-2004
Jacob Zuma Politician President of South Africa 12-Apr-1942 -
Elmo R. Zumwalt Military US Chief of Naval Operations, 1970-74 29-Nov-1920 02-Jan-2000
Klaus Zumwinkel Business Chairman of Deutsche Post 15-Dec-1943 -
Ernst Zundel Activist Holocaust denier 24-Apr-1939 -
Daphne Zuniga Actor Princess Vespa in Spaceballs 28-Oct-1962 -
Mark A. Zupan Educator Dean of Business, University of Rochester c. 1959 -
Francisco de Zurbarán Painter Spanish Baroque painter 1598 27-Aug-1664
Konrad Zuse Engineer Built first Turing-complete computer 22-Jun-1910 18-Dec-1995
David E. Zweifel Diplomat US Ambassador to Yemen, 1981-84 13-Sep-1934 -
Edward Zwick Film Director The Last Samurai 08-Oct-1952 -
Joel Zwick Film Director My Big Fat Greek Wedding 11-Jan-1942 -
Fritz Zwicky Astronomer Astrophysicist at CalTech 14-Feb-1898 08-Feb-1974
Terry Zwigoff Film Director Ghost World 18-May-1949 -
Huldrych Zwingli Religion Swiss-Protestant Reformation 01-Jan-1484 11-Oct-1531
Vladimir Zworykin Inventor Patented color televison 30-Jul-1889 29-Jul-1982

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