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Joseph Yablonski Labor Leader UMW executive, murdered 03-Mar-1910 31-Dec-1969
Jeffery W. Yabuki Business CEO of Fiserv 1960 -
Jeff Yagher Actor Kyle Bates on V 18-Jan-1961 -
Yahweh ben Yahweh Religion Nation of Yahweh 27-Oct-1935 07-May-2007
Boaz Yakin Screenwriter Remember the Titans 20-Jun-1966 -
Elihu Yale Philanthropist Namesake of Yale University 05-Apr-1649 08-Jul-1721
Linus Yale, Jr. Inventor Pin tumbler locks 14-Apr-1821 24-Dec-1868
Rosalyn Sussman Yalow Physicist Developed radioimmunoassay technique 19-Jul-1921 30-May-2011
Kenneth S. Yalowitz Diplomat US Ambassador to Georgia, 1998-2001 28-May-1941 -
Isuzu Yamada Actor Yojimbo 05-Feb-1917 09-Jul-2012
Kristi Yamaguchi Figure Skating Olympic figure skater 12-Jul-1971 -
Torakusu Yamaha Business Founder of Yamaha Corporation 20-Apr-1851 08-Aug-1916
Donald Yamamoto Diplomat US Ambassador to Ethiopia ? -
Isoroku Yamamoto Military Commander of the Japanese Navy 04-Apr-1884 18-Apr-1943
Ahmed Zaki Yamani Government Former Saudi Minister of Oil 30-Jun-1930 -
Charles A. Yamarone Business Libra Securities c. 1959 -
Fusajiro Yamauchi Business Founder of Nintendo 22-Nov-1860 Jan-1940
Elliott Yamin Singer American Idol 20-Jul-1978 -
Martin Yan Chef Yan Can Cook 1949 -
Zelimkhan Yandarbiyev Head of State President of Republic of Chechnya 1996-1997 12-Sep-1952 13-Feb-2004
Chen Ning Yang Physicist Particle physicist 01-Oct-1922 -
Jerry Yang Business Co-Founder of Yahoo 06-Nov-1968 -
Y. E. Yang Golf Winner, 2009 PGA Championship 15-Jan-1972 -
Daddy Yankee Singer Reggaeton singer, Gasolina 03-Feb-1976 -
Frankie Yankovic Musician America's Polka King 15-Jul-1915 14-Oct-1998
Weird Al Yankovic Musician White & Nerdy 23-Oct-1959 -
Michael B. Yanney Business Burlington Capital Group LLC c. 1934 -
Yanni Musician New age musican 14-Nov-1954 -
Viktor Yanukovych Government President of Ukraine 09-Jul-1950 -
Hu Yaobang Head of State Chinese Communist leader, 1980-87 20-Nov-1915 15-Apr-1989
Umaru Yar'Adua Head of State President of Nigeria, 2007-10 09-Jul-1951 05-May-2010
Cale Yarborough Auto Racing Indy car and NASCAR racer 27-Mar-1939 -
Ralph Yarborough Politician US Senator from Texas, 1957-71 08-Jun-1903 27-Jan-1996
Cedric Yarbrough Actor Deputy Jones on Reno 911! 20-Mar-1973 -
Glenn Yarbrough Singer Lead singer, The Limeliters 12-Jan-1930 -
Molly Yard Activist President of NOW, 1987-91 06-Jul-1912 21-Sep-2005
Herbert O. Yardley Scientist U.S. cryptographer during WWI 13-Apr-1889 07-Aug-1958
Ivan Osipovich Yarkovsky Physicist Yarkovsky effect 24-May-1844 22-Jan-1902
John Yarmuth Politician Congressman, Kentucky 3rd 04-Nov-1947 -
Zev Yaroslavsky Politician Los Angeles Board of Supervisors 21-Dec-1948 -
Peter Yarrow Singer The Peter in Peter, Paul, and Mary 31-May-1938 -
Amy Yasbeck Actor Casey Davenport on Wings 12-Sep-1963 -
Lev Yashin Soccer Soviet soccer star 22-Oct-1929 20-Mar-1990
John B. Yasinsky Business CEO of OMNOVA Solutions, 1999-2000 c. 1939 -
Sheikh Ahmed Yassin Religion Hamas spiritual leader 18-Dec-1936 21-Mar-2004
Carl Yastrzemski Baseball Red Sox left-fielder, 3000 hits, 400 天天乐棋牌rs 22-Aug-1939 -
Sun Yat-sen Head of State President of China天天乐棋牌, 1911-12 12-Nov-1866 12-Mar-1925
Iwasaki Yataro Business Founder of the Mitsubishi companies 09-Jan-1835 07-Feb-1885
Albert C. Yates Educator President, Colorado State, 1990-2003 c. 1942 -
Andrea Yates Criminal Defendant Drowned her five children 02-Jul-1964 -
Brock Yates Auto Racing Cannonball Run c. 1933 -
Cassie Yates Actor Sarah Curtis on Dynasty 02-Mar-1951 -
David Yates Film Director Director, 5th and 6th Harry Potter films 1963 -
Frances Yates Historian The Art of Memory 28-Nov-1899 29-Sep-1981
Joseph C. Yates Politician Governor of New York, 1823-24 09-Nov-1768 19-Mar-1837
Paula Yates TV Personality Rock Stars in Their Underpants 24-Apr-1960 17-Sep-2000
Pauline Yates Actor Harriet's Back in Town 16-Jun-1929 -
Peter Yates Film Director Breaking Away 24-Jul-1929 09-Jan-2011
Richard Yates Novelist Revolutionary Road 03-Feb-1926 07-Nov-1992
Sidney Yates Politician Congressman from Illinois, 1949-99 27-Aug-1909 05-Oct-2000
Gus Yatron Politician Congressman from Pennsylvania, 1969-93 16-Oct-1927 13-Mar-2003
Ghazi al-Yawar Head of State President of Iraq, 2004-05 11-Mar-1958 -
Tony Yayo Rapper G-Unit, Talk of New York 31-Mar-1978 -
Nikolai Yazykov Poet Russian Golden Age poet 16-Mar-1803 26-Dec-1846
Chuck Yeager Aviator Test pilot, first to break speed of sound 13-Feb-1923 -
Frederick C. Yeager Business Senior VP Finance, Time Warner c. 1942 -
Douglas C. Yearley Business CEO of Phelps Dodge, 1989-99 c. 1936 08-Oct-2007
John Yearwood Business CEO of Smith International, 2009-10 c. 1960 -
Trisha Yearwood Country Musician Country-folk singer 19-Sep-1964 -
Brook Yeaton Actor Prop guy, actor, Traci Lords' ex-husband 13-Feb-1968 -
William Butler Yeats Poet The Land of Heart's Desire 13-Jun-1865 28-Jan-1939
Leland Yee Politician California Assembly Speaker Pro Tem ? -
Anton Yelchin Actor Delivering Milo 11-Mar-1989 -
Archibald Yell Politician Congressman and Governor of Arkansas 09-Aug-1797 23-Feb-1847
Jack Yellen Songwriter Happy Days Are Here Again 06-Jul-1892 17-Apr-1991
Janet L. Yellen Economist President and CEO, San Francisco Fed 13-Aug-1946 -
Yellowman Rapper Albino toaster, Yellowman Rides Again 1959 -
Boris Yeltsin Head of State First president of post-Soviet Russia 01-Feb-1931 23-Apr-2007
Donnie Yen Actor Ip Man 27-Jul-1963 -
Michelle Yeoh Actor Hong Kong action movie star 06-Aug-1962 -
Bill Yeoman Football Houston Head Coach, 1962-86 26-Dec-1927 -
Owain Yeoman Actor Wayne Rigsby on The Mentalist 02-Jul-1978 -
Frank Yerby Novelist The Da天天乐棋牌an 05-Sep-1916 29-Nov-1991
Daniel Yergin Author The Prize 06-Feb-1947 -
Steven Yeun Actor Glenn on The Walking Dead 21-Dec-1983 -
Clayton K. Yeutter Government US Secretary of Agriculture, 1989-91 10-Dec-1930 -
Yevgeny Yevtushenko Poet Babi Yar 18-Jul-1933 -
Lee Kuan Yew Head of State Prime Minister of Singapore, 1959-90 16-Sep-1923 -
Anzia Yezierska Novelist Bread Givers c. 1880 21-Nov-1970
Matthew Yglesias Blogger Big Media Matt 18-May-1981 -
Charlyne Yi Comic Dr. Park on House 04-Jan-1986 -
Chun Won Yi Business Quadrangle Group c. 1977 -
Wu Yi Government Vice Premier and Heath Minister of China天天乐棋牌 Nov-1938 -
Vern Yip TV Personality Interior decorator on Trading Spaces 27-Jun-1968 -
Lauri Ylönen Singer Lead vocalist of The Rasmus 23-Apr-1979 -
Dwight Yoakam Country Musician Country star, This Time 23-Oct-1956 -
Malik Yoba Actor New York Undercover 17-Sep-1967 -
Delbert W. Yocam Business CEO of Borland, 1996-99 24-Dec-1943 -
Francis Parker Yockey Author Imperium 18-Sep-1917 16-Jun-1960
Father Yod Religion Founder and Deity of The Source Family 04-Jul-1922 25-Aug-1975
Kevin Yoder Politician Congressman, Kansas 3rd 08-Jan-1976 -
David B. Yoffie Business Competing on Internet Time ? -
Paramahansa Yogananda Religion Self-Realization Fellowship 05-Jan-1893 07-Mar-1952
Daniel W. Yohannes Philanthropist CEO, Millennium Challenge Corporation Sep-1952 -
Ada E. Yonath Scientist Cryocrystallography 22-Jun-1939 -
Huang Yong Criminal Prolific Chinese serial killer c. 1974 26-Dec-2003
Michael T. Yonker Business CEO of Portec, 1988-98 1942 -
Michael Yonkers Guitarist Microminiature Love 1947 -
Kenneth F. Yontz Business CEO of Sybron, 1986-2000 c. 1944 -
John Yoo Government Thinks Geneva Conventions are obsolete 10-Jun-1967 -
Dean A. Yoost Business Former Partner, Price Waterhouse Coopers c. 1949 -
Philip Yordan Screenwriter The Battle of the Bulge 01-Apr-1914 24-Mar-2003
Alvin York Military Highly decorated WWI veteran 13-Dec-1887 02-Sep-1964
Byron York Columnist Former National Review columnist c. 1956 -
Dick York Actor Darrin #1 on Bewitched 04-Sep-1928 20-Feb-1992
G. Smedes York Business York Properties Inc. c. 1940 -
Jeff York Actor Reno McKee on The Alaskans 23-Mar-1912 11-Oct-1995
Jerry York Business CFO of IBM, 1993-95 22-Jun-1938 16-Mar-2010
Michael York Actor Logan's Run 27-Mar-1942 -
Susannah York Actor They Shoot Horses, Don't They? 09-Jan-1941 14-Jan-2011
Malachi York-El Religion E.T. leader of United Nuwaubian Nation of Moors 26-Jun-1945 -
Thom Yorke Musician Radiohead singer 07-Oct-1968 -
Bud Yorkin Film Director Start the Revolution Without Me 22-Feb-1926 -
Samuel W. Yorty Politician Mayor of Los Angeles, 1961-73 01-Oct-1909 05-Jun-1998
Shigeru Yoshida Head of State Prime Minister of Japan, 1948-54 22-Sep-1878 20-Oct-1967
Charles W. Yost Diplomat US Ambassador to the UN, 1969-71 06-Nov-1907 21-May-1981
David Yost Actor Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers 07-Jan-1969 -
Fielding H. Yost Football Legendary UMich Head Coach 30-Apr-1871 20-Apr-1946
Ned Yost Baseball Manager, Milwaukee Brewers 19-Aug-1955 -
R. David Yost Business CEO of Amerisource Bergen c. 1947 -
Tina Yothers Actor Jennifer Keaton on Family Ties 05-May-1973 -
Harry L. You Business EVP at EMC c. 1959 -
Kevin Youkilis Baseball Chicago White Sox 15-Mar-1979 -
Vincent Youmans Composer No, No Nanette 27-Sep-1898 05-Apr-1946
Young MC Musician "Bust a Move" 10-May-1967 -
A. Thomas Young Business President of Martin Marietta, 1990-95 1938 -
Alan Young Actor Wilbur Post on Mister Ed 19-Nov-1919 -
Andrew Young Politician Mayor of Atlanta, 1982-90 12-Mar-1932 -
Angus Young Guitarist Schoolboy-clad guitarist for AC/DC 31-Mar-1955 -
Bill Young Politician Congressman, Florida 10th 16-Dec-1930 -
Brigham Young Religion Second LDS prophet 01-Jun-1801 29-Aug-1877
Burt Young Actor Paulie in Rocky 30-Apr-1940 -
C. C. Young Politician Governor of California, 1927-31 28-Apr-1869 24-Dec-1947
Carleton Young Actor 20000 Leagues Under the Sea 21-Oct-1905 07-Nov-1994
Chic Young Cartoonist Creator of Blondie 09-Jan-1901 14-Mar-1973
Chris Young Actor Bryce Lynch on Max Headroom 28-Apr-1971 -
Coleman Young Politician Mayor of Detroit, 1974-93 24-May-1918 30-Nov-1997
Cy Young Baseball Pitched 511 career wins 29-Mar-1867 04-Nov-1955
Don Young Politician Congressman from Alaska 09-Jun-1933 -
Dona D. Young Business CEO of Phoenix Companies 08-Jan-1954 -
Edward Young Poet Night Thoughts 1683 05-Apr-1765
Faron Young Musician The Hillbilly Heartthrob 25-Feb-1932 10-Dec-1996
Gig Young Actor They Shoot Horses, Don't They? 04-Nov-1913 19-Oct-1978
James R. Young Business CEO of Union Pacific c. 1952 -
John Young Astronaut 9th to walk on the Moon 24-Sep-1930 -
John Young Politician Governor of New York, 1847-49 12-Jun-1802 23-Apr-1852
John A. Young Business CEO of Hewlett Packard, 1978-92 24-Apr-1932 -
John Orr Young Business Co-Founder, Young and Rubicam 25-Jun-1886 01-May-1976
John Zachary Young Zoologist British zoological neurologist 18-Mar-1907 04-Jul-1997
Johnny Young Diplomat US Ambassador to Slovenia, 2001-04 06-Feb-1940 -
Karen Young Actor Heading South 29-Sep-1958 -
Kristeen Young Musician Intense and talented indie rock chick c. 1975 -
La Monte Young Composer Minimalist composer 14-Oct-1935 -
Lester Young Jazz Musician Jazz tenor saxophoneist 27-Aug-1909 15-Mar-1959
Loretta Young Actor Platinum Blonde 06-Jan-1913 12-Aug-2000
Malcolm Young Guitarist Rhythm guitar for AC/DC 06-Jan-1953 -
Marguerite Young Author Miss MacIntosh, My Darling 28-Aug-1908 17-Nov-1995
Michael K. Young Educator President, University of Utah c. 1950 -
Neil Young Singer/Songwriter Harvest 12-Nov-1945 -
Paul Young Musician Senza Una Donna 17-Jan-1956 -
Ray G. Young Business CFO of General Motors c. 1962 -
Robert Young Actor Marcus Welby, M.D. 22-Feb-1907 21-Jul-1998
Robert A. Young III Politician Congressman from Missouri, 1977-87 27-Nov-1923 17-Oct-2007
Robert M. Young Film Director Dominick and Eugene 22-Nov-1924 -
Robert P. Young, Jr. Judge Justice, Michigan Supreme Court c. 1952 -
Roger Young Film Director The Bourne Identity 13-May-1942 -
Roger A. Young Business CEO of Bay State Gas 天天乐棋牌, 1990-99 c. 1946 -
Roland Young Actor Cosmo Topper 11-Nov-1887 05-Jun-1953
Sean Young Actor Replicant in Blade Runner 20-Nov-1959 -
Stark Young Critic So Red the Rose 11-Oct-1881 06-Jan-1963
Stephen Young Actor Ben Caldwell on Judd for the Defense 19-May-1939 -
Stephen M. Young Diplomat Director of the American Institute in Taiwan 1951 -
Stephen M. Young Politician US Senator from Ohio, 1959-71 04-May-1889 01-Dec-1984
Steve Young Football 49ers Quarterback 11-Oct-1961 -
Steve Young Singer/Songwriter "Southern Music" songwriter 12-Jul-1942 -
Terence Young Film Director Dr. No 20-Jun-1915 07-Sep-1994
Thomas Young Physicist Wave Theory of Light 13-Jun-1773 10-May-1829
Thomas L. Young Business President and CFO of Owens-Illinois, 2003-05 c. 1944 -
Toby Young Journalist Toby Young writes about Toby Young 1963 -
Todd Young Politician Congressman, Indiana 9th 24-Aug-1972 -
Tony Young Actor Taggart 28-Jun-1937 26-Feb-2002
Victor L. Young Business Fishery Products International c. 1946 -
Vince Young Football Tennessee Titans ex-QB 18-May-1983 -
Vincent Young Actor Noah Hunter on Beverly Hills, 90210 04-Jun-1965 -
Walter R. Young Business CEO of Champion Enterprises, 1990-2003 c. 1944 -
Will Young Singer UK Pop Idol winner 20-Jan-1979 -
William Young Business Goldman Sachs c. 1965 -
William Allen Young Actor Frank Mitchell on Moesha 1953 -
William D. Young Scientist Monogram Biosciences c. 1944 -
Jack Youngblood Football NFL Hall of Fame Defensive End 26-Jan-1950 -
Kneeland C. Youngblood Business Pharos Capital Group 13-Dec-1955 -
Rudy Youngblood Actor Apocalypto 21-Sep-1982 -
Luther W. Youngdahl Politician Governor of Minnesota, 1947-51 29-May-1896 21-Jun-1978
Cole Younger Criminal The brains of the James-Younger Gang 15-Jan-1844 21-Mar-1916
George Younger Politician UK Minister of Defence, 1986-89 22-Sep-1931 26-Jan-2003
John Winthrop the Younger Politician Governor of Colonial Connecticut 12-Feb-1606 05-Apr-1676
Barrie Youngfellow Actor Jan Hoffmeyer on It's a Living 22-Oct-1950 -
Henny Youngman Comic Take my wife, please 16-Mar-1906 24-Feb-1998
Robin Yount Baseball American League MVP, 1982 and 1989 16-Sep-1955 -
Marguerite Yourcenar Novelist Mémoires d'Hadrien 08-Jun-1903 17-Dec-1987
Ramzi Yousef Terrorist Mastermind of 1993 WTC bombing 27-Apr-1968 -
Azita Youssefi Musician The Scissor Girls 1971 -
Youth Musician Techno producer, Killing Joke 27-Dec-1960 -
Big Youth Musician Influential Jamaican deejay 19-Apr-1949 -
Marie L. Yovanovitch Diplomat US Ambassador to Kyrgyzstan ? -
Paul G. Yovovich Business Lake Capital c. 1951 -
David Yow Singer Singer for The Jesus Lizard 02-Aug-1960 -
Gideon Yu Business CFO of Facebook, 2007-09 c. 1971 -
Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono Head of State President of Indonesia 09-Sep-1949 -
Eliezer Yudkowsky Scientist Co-Founder, Singularity Institute 11-Sep-1979 -
Mark G. Yudof Educator President of the University of California 30-Oct-1944 -
Shawn Yue Actor Initial D 13-Nov-1981 -
Hideki Yukawa Physicist Predicted existence of mesons 23-Jan-1907 08-Sep-1981
Harris Yulin Actor Roger Stanton on 24 05-Nov-1937 -
Chow Yun-Fat Actor Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon 18-May-1955 -
Chung Ju Yung Business Founder of Hyundai 25-Nov-1915 21-Mar-2001
Victor Sen Yung Actor Hop Sing on Bonanza 18-Oct-1915 09-Nov-1980
Muhammad Yunus Business Banker to the Poor 28-Jun-1940 -
Purnomo Yusgiantoro Government Indonesian Minister of Energy 16-Jun-1951 -
Viktor Yushchenko Head of State President of Ukraine, poisoned 23-Feb-1954 -
Odette Yustman Actor Cloverfield 10-May-1985 -
Raul Yzaguirre Activist National Council of La Raza 22-Jul-1939 -
Steve Yzerman Hockey Detroit Red Wings, 1983-2006 09-May-1965 -

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