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William C. Van Faasen Business Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Massachusetts c. 1949 -
Shelley Fabares Actor Christine Fox on Coach 19-Jan-1944 -
Dana Fabe Judge Alaska Chief Justice 29-Mar-1951 -
David Faber Journalist CNBC financial reporter 10-Mar-1964 -
David Faber Politician British MP for Westbury, 1992-2001 07-Jul-1961 -
Katelyn Kristine Faber Victim Kobe Bryant's accuser 18-Jun-1985 -
Peter L. Faber Attorney McDermott Will & Emery c. 1938 -
Red Faber Baseball Chicago White Sox spitballer, Hall-of-Famer 06-Sep-1888 25-Sep-1976
Karl Faberge Artist Maker of jewelry and gem eggs 30-May-1846 24-Sep-1920
Fabian Singer 50s teen idol, Turn Me Loose 06-Feb-1943 -
Lara Fabian Singer Belgian-Canadian singer, Carpe diem 09-Jan-1970 -
Fabio Model Can't believe it's not butter 15-Mar-1959 -
Fabolous Rapper I Can't Deny It 18-Nov-1977 -
Nanette Fabray Actor Caesar's Hour 27-Oct-1920 -
Gentile da Fabriano Painter Italian Gothic painter c. 1370 1427
Girolamo Fabrici Doctor De Venarum Ostiolis 20-May-1537 21-May-1619
Johann Christian Fabricius Zoologist Philosophia Entomologica 07-Jan-1745 03-Mar-1808
John M. Facciola Judge US Magistrate Judge, District of Columbia c. 1944 -
Peter Facinelli Actor Donovan Ray on Fastlane 26-Nov-1973 -
Mallory Factor Activist Merchant banker c. 1950 -
Arthur Fadden Head of State Prime Minister of Australia, 1941 13-Apr-1895 21-Apr-1973
Mitchell E. Fadel Business President and COO of Rent-a-Center c. 1958 -
Stanley Fafara Actor Whitey on Leave It to Beaver 20-Sep-1949 20-Sep-2003
Martin C. Faga Government Director of the NRO, 1989-93 11-Jun-1941 -
Donald Fagen Musician Keyboards and vocals for Steely Dan 10-Jan-1948 -
Jeffrey Fager Film/TV Producer 60 Minutes executive producer 10-Dec-1954 -
Bill Fagerbakke Actor Dauber Dybinski on Coach 04-Oct-1957 -
Max Faget Scientist Designer of NASA spacecraft 26-Aug-1921 09-Oct-2004
Robert Fagles Translator Translator of Greek literature 11-Sep-1933 26-Mar-2008
King Fahd Royalty King of Saudi Arabia, 1982-2005 1923 01-Aug-2005
Jeff Fahey Actor The Lawnmower Man 29-Nov-1952 -
John Fahey Guitarist The Transfiguration of Blind Joe Death 28-Feb-1939 22-Feb-2001
John Fahey Business CEO of National Geographic Society c. 1953 -
Myrna Fahey Actor Kay Banks on Father of the Bride 12-Mar-1933 06-May-1973
Siobhan Fahey Musician Bananarama 10-Sep-1958 -
Gabriel Daniel Fahrenheit Physicist Thermometrist 24-May-1686 16-Sep-1736
Frank Fahrenkopf Business CEO, American Gaming Association 28-Aug-1939 -
Charles Fahy Attorney Solicitor General, Appellate Judge 27-Aug-1892 17-Sep-1979
Sammy Fain Composer Love Is a Many-Splendored Thing 17-Jun-1902 06-Dec-1989
Ursula O. Fairbairn Business Former EVP, American Express c. 1943 -
Richard D. Fairbank Business CEO of Capital One c. 1950 -
Charles W. Fairbanks Politician Vice President under Theodore Roosevelt 11-May-1852 04-Jun-1918
Douglas Fairbanks, Sr. Actor The Thief of Baghdad 23-May-1883 12-Dec-1939
Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. Actor Sinbad the Sailor 09-Dec-1909 07-May-2000
Charles S. Fairchild Attorney US Secretary of the Treasury, 1887-89 30-Apr-1842 24-Nov-1924
David G. Fairchild Botanist Brought exotic plants to America 07-Apr-1869 06-Aug-1954
Morgan Fairchild Actor Jordan Roberts on Falcon Crest 03-Feb-1950 -
Lauch Faircloth Politician US Senator from North Carolina, 1993-99 14-Jan-1928 -
Shepard Fairey Artist Andre the Giant Has A Posse 15-Feb-1970 -
Rona Fairhead Business CEO of Financial Times Group c. 1962 -
Mary E. Fairhurst Judge Justice, Washington Supreme Court c. 1957 -
Michelle Fairley Actor Catelyn Stark on Game of Thrones 1964 -
Jonny Fairplay TV Personality Survivor contestant 11-Mar-1974 -
Andy Fairweather-Low Guitarist Feather-wielding guitarist 02-Aug-1948 -
Faisal I Royalty King of Iraq, 1921-33 20-May-1883 08-Sep-1933
King Faisal Royalty King of Saudi Arabia, 1964-75 1904 25-Mar-1975
Donald Faison Actor Dr. Christopher Turk on Scrubs 22-Jun-1974 -
Frankie Faison Actor In every Hannibal Lecter film 10-Jun-1949 -
Adam Faith Singer What Do You Want 23-Jun-1940 08-Mar-2003
Percy Faith Musician Easy listening arranger and composer 07-Apr-1908 09-Feb-1976
Marianne Faithfull Singer/Songwriter Sister Morphine 29-Dec-1946 -
Caterina Fake Designer Co-Founder of Flickr c. 1969 -
Lola Falana Dancer Whatever Lola Wants, Lola Gets 11-Sep-1942 -
Falco Musician Rock Me, Amadeus! 19-Feb-1957 06-Feb-1998
Edie Falco Actor The Sopranos, Nurse Jackie 05-Jul-1963 -
Ben Falcone Actor Howard on Joey 25-Aug-1973 -
Philip Falcone Business Billionaire, Harbinger Capital c. 1962 -
Robert S. Falcone Business CFO of Nike, 1990-98 c. 1947 -
Nick Faldo Golf Winner of 6 Major tournaments 18-Jul-1957 -
Eni Faleomavaega Politician Congressman, American Samoa 15-Aug-1943 -
Peter Falk Actor Detective Columbo 16-Sep-1927 23-Jun-2011
Thomas J. Falk Business CEO of Kimberly-Clark 1958 -
Albert Fall Government US Interior Secy., Teapot Dome Scandal 26-Nov-1861 30-Nov-1944
Bernard Fall Journalist Scholar of the Vietnam conflict 19-Nov-1926 21-Feb-1967
Manuel de Falla Composer La Vida Breve 23-Nov-1876 14-Nov-1946
Oriana Fallaci Journalist The Rage and the Pride 29-Jun-1929 15-Sep-2006
Thorbjörn Fälldin Head of State Twice Prime Minister of Sweden 24-Apr-1926 -
JoAnn Falletta Conductor Music Director, Buffalo Philharmonic 27-Feb-1954 -
Mary Fallin Politician Governor of Oklahoma 09-Dec-1954 -
George H. Fallon Politician Congressman from Maryland, 1945-71 24-Jul-1902 21-Mar-1980
Jimmy Fallon Comic Saturday Night Live 19-Sep-1974 -
William J. Fallon Military C-in-C, US Central Command, 2007-08 30-Dec-1944 -
Gabriele Falloppio Doctor Observationes anatomicae 1523 09-Oct-1562
James Fallows Journalist Atlantic Monthly 02-Aug-1949 -
Harold Faltermeyer Electronic Musician Axel F 05-Oct-1952 -
Susan Faludi Activist Backlash 18-Apr-1959 -
Jerry Falwell Religion Television evangelist 11-Aug-1933 15-May-2007
Georgie Fame Musician The Blue Flames 26-Jun-1943 -
Frederick B. Fancher Politician Governor of North Dakota, 1899-1901 02-Apr-1852 10-Jan-1944
Oscar Fanjul Business Founder of Repsol SA 20-May-1949 -
Paul J. Fannin Politician Governor and Senator from Arizona 29-Jan-1907 13-Jan-2002
Dakota Fanning Actor Uptown Girls 23-Feb-1994 -
Elle Fanning Actor Actress/sister of Dakota 09-Apr-1998 -
Shawn Fanning Computer Programmer Founded the Napster mp3 free-for-all 22-Nov-1980 -
Frantz Fanon Psychiatrist Black Skin, White Masks 20-Jul-1925 06-Dec-1961
Richard Fanshawe Poet Translator of Camões 1608 16-Jun-1666
John Fante Author Bukowski's idol 08-Apr-1909 08-May-1983
Henri Fantin-Latour Painter French painter and printmaker 14-Jan-1836 25-Aug-1904
Jonathan F. Fanton Administrator President, MacArthur Foundation, 1999-2009 1943 -
John V. Faraci Business CEO of International Paper 16-Feb-1950 -
Michael Faraday Physicist Discovered electrical induction 22-Sep-1791 25-Aug-1867
Joseph Farah Journalist Founder and CEO, WorldNetDaily 06-Jul-1954 -
Martha J. Farah Psychologist Center for Cognitive Neuroscience, UPenn c. 1955 -
Nuruddin Farah Author From a Crooked Rib 1945 -
Roger N. Farah Business President of Polo Ralph Lauren c. 1952 -
Daniel A. Farber Educator Retained by the People 16-Jul-1950 -
Stacey Farber Actor Ellie Nash on Degrassi 25-Aug-1987 -
Guillaume Farel Religion French Reformer, influenced Calvin 1489 13-Sep-1565
Blake Farenthold Politician Congressman, Texas 27th 12-Dec-1961 -
Frances Farenthold Educator President of Wells College, 1976-80 02-Oct-1926 -
Debrah Farentino Actor Devon Adair on Earth 2 30-Sep-1959 -
James Farentino Actor The Final Countdown 24-Feb-1938 24-Jan-2012
Michael R. Farese Business CEO of WJ Communications, 2002-05 c. 1946 -
Antonio Fargas Actor Huggy Bear on Starsky and Hutch 14-Aug-1946 -
Oliver La Farge Author Laughing Boy 19-Dec-1901 02-Aug-1963
James Fargo Film Director The Enforcer 14-Aug-1938 -
William Fargo Business Co-Founder, American Express & Wells Fargo 20-May-1818 03-Aug-1881
Todd S. Farha Business President and CEO of WellCare Health Plans 1968 -
Asghar Farhadi Film Director A Separation 1972 -
Frank Farian Music Producer Producer behind Milli Vanilli, Boney M 18-Jul-1941 -
Dennis Farina Actor Ray Barboni in Get Shorty 29-Feb-1944 -
George L. Farinsky Business CFO of Ashton-Tate, 1987-91 c. 1936 -
Anna Faris Actor Scary Movie 29-Nov-1976 -
Sean Faris Actor Life As We Know It 25-Mar-1982 -
William S. Farish Business W.S. Farish & Co. 17-Mar-1939 -
Joseph S. Farland Diplomat US Ambassador to Iran, 1972-73 11-Aug-1914 28-Jan-2007
Chris Farley Comic Saturday Night Live 15-Feb-1964 17-Dec-1997
Emerson D. Farley, Jr. Doctor Retired Physician, Richmond, Virginia c. 1938 -
James A. Farley Government US Postmaster General, 1933-40 30-May-1888 09-Jun-1976
Thomas T. Farley Attorney Partner, Petersen & Fonda 10-Nov-1934 -
Dan Farmer Computer Programmer Cowrote SATAN security auditing tool 05-Apr-1962 -
Evan Farmer TV Personality Host of While You Were Out 28-Jul-1972 -
Forest J. Farmer Business Trillium Teamologies 15-Jan-1941 -
Frances Farmer Actor Hollywood actress, institutionalized 19-Sep-1913 01-Aug-1970
Gary Farmer Actor Henry & Verlin 12-Jun-1953 -
James Farmer Activist Co-Founder, CORE 12-Jan-1920 09-Jul-1999
John J. Farmer, Jr. Politician Attorney General of New Jersey, 1999-2002 24-Jun-1957 -
Mimsy Farmer Actor Hot Rods to Hell 28-Feb-1945 -
Moses Farmer Inventor Invented the fire alarm, electric trolley 09-Feb-1820 25-May-1893
Paul Farmer Doctor Doctor for the world's poorest 1959 -
Philip Jose Farmer Author Riverworld saga 26-Jan-1918 25-Feb-2009
Richard T. Farmer Business CEO of Cintas, 1968-95 1934 -
Scott D. Farmer Business CEO of Cintas c. 1959 -
Thomas L. Farmer Attorney Overseas Development Council c. 1926 -
Vera Farmiga Actor Down to the Bone 06-Aug-1973 -
Mark Farner Singer Grand Funk Railroad 29-Sep-1948 -
Alessandro Farnese Military Duke of Parma 27-Aug-1545 03-Dec-1592
Tristan A. Farnon Cartoonist Leisure Town 20-Apr-1970 -
Thomas C. Farnsworth, Jr. Business Farnsworth Investment Co. c. 1938 -
Elizabeth Farnsworth Journalist News Hour anchor c. 1943 -
Philo Farnsworth Inventor Inventor of electronic television 19-Aug-1906 11-Mar-1971
Richard Farnsworth Actor Comes a Horseman 01-Sep-1920 06-Oct-2000
George Farquhar Playwright The Beaux Stratagem 1678 29-Apr-1707
David N. Farr Business CEO of Emerson Electric 1955 -
Derek Farr Actor The Projected Man 07-Feb-1912 22-Mar-1986
Diane Farr Actor Megan Reeves on Numb3rs 07-Sep-1969 -
Felicia Farr Actor Kiss Me, Stupid 04-Oct-1932 -
Jamie Farr Actor Cpl. Klinger on M*A*S*H 01-Jul-1934 -
Kevin M. Farr Business CFO of Mattel c. 1958 -
Sam Farr Politician Congressman, California 17th 04-Jul-1941 -
David Farragut Military America's first admiral 05-Jul-1801 14-Aug-1870
Louis Farrakhan Religion Leader of Nation of Islam 11-May-1933 -
David Farrar Actor Black Narcissus 21-Aug-1908 31-Aug-1995
Frank L. Farrar Politician Governor of South Dakota, 1969-71 22-Apr-1929 -
Geraldine Farrar Singer Soprano, New York Metropolitan Opera 28-Feb-1882 11-Mar-1967
John F. Farrell, Jr. Business North American Mortgage 天天乐棋牌 c. 1938 -
Anne V. Farrell Administrator CEO of the Seattle Foundation, 1984-2003 c. 1936 -
Bobby Farrell Singer Frontman for Boney M 06-Oct-1949 30-Dec-2010
Charles Farrell Actor Seventh Heaven 09-Aug-1901 06-May-1990
Charles F. Farrell, Jr. Business Crystal Creek Associates c. 1930 -
Colin Farrell Actor Bullseye in Daredevil 31-May-1976 -
David C. Farrell Business CEO of May Department Stores, 1979-98 c. 1934 -
Eileen Farrell Singer Operatic soprano 13-Feb-1920 23-Mar-2002
Glenda Farrell Actor Torchy Blane 30-Jun-1904 01-May-1971
James T. Farrell Novelist Studs Lonigan trilogy 27-Feb-1904 22-Aug-1979
Mary C. Farrell Business UBS Wealth Management USA c. 1949 -
Mike Farrell Actor BJ Hunnicutt on M*A*S*H 06-Feb-1939 -
Perry Farrell Singer Lead singer of Jane's Addiction 29-Mar-1959 -
Phoenix Farrell Bassist Bassist for Linkin Park 08-Feb-1977 -
Suzanne Farrell Dancer Ballerina, NYC Ballet 16-Aug-1945 -
Terry Farrell Actor Jadzia Dax on Star Trek: DS9 19-Nov-1963 -
Thomas F. Farrell II Business CEO of Dominion Resources c. 1954 -
W. James Farrell Business CEO of Illinois Tool Works, 1995-2005 c. 1943 -
Bobby Farrelly Film Director A Farrelly Brother 17-Jun-1958 -
Peter Farrelly Film Director A Farrelly Brother 17-Dec-1956 -
G. Steven Farris Business CEO of Apache Corporation c. 1948 -
Joseph Jerome Farris Judge 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, 1979-95 04-Mar-1930 -
Michael Farris Activist Founder, Patrick Henry College 27-Aug-1951 -
John Farrow Screenwriter Around the World in Eighty Days 10-Feb-1904 28-Jan-1963
Mia Farrow Actor Rosemary's Baby 09-Feb-1945 -
Dante Fascell Politician Congressman from Florida, 1955-93 09-Mar-1917 28-Nov-1998
Michael D. Fascitelli Business Vornado Realty Trust c. 1957 -
Michael Fassbender Actor Centurion 02-Apr-1977 -
Rainer Werner Fassbinder Film Director The Bitter Tears of Petra von Kant 31-May-1945 10-Jun-1982
Jim Fassel Football NY Giants Head Coach, 1997-2003 31-Aug-1949 -
Brenda Fassie Singer South African pop diva 03-Nov-1964 09-May-2004
Eric C. Fast Business CEO of Crane c. 1949 -
Howard Fast Novelist Spartacus 11-Nov-1914 12-Mar-2003
Andrew Fastow Business Disgraced CFO of Enron 22-Dec-1961 -
Joey Fatone Singer Baritone of *NSYNC 28-Jan-1977 -
Pierre Fatou Mathematician Complex analytic dynamics 28-Feb-1878 10-Aug-1929
Minnesota Fats Sports Figure Billiards opponent of Willie Mosconi 19-Jan-1913 15-Jan-1996
Chaka Fattah Politician Congressman, Pennsylvania 2nd 21-Nov-1956 -
Orval Faubus Politician Governor of Arkansas, 1955-67 07-Jan-1910 14-Dec-1994
Marshall Faulk Football Retired NFL running back 26-Feb-1973 -
Larry R. Faulkner Educator President of UT-Austin, 1998-2006 1944 -
Max Faulkner Golf Winner, 1951 British Open 29-Jul-1916 26-Feb-2005
William Faulkner Author Novels set in the American South 25-Sep-1897 06-Jul-1962
Walter E. Fauntroy Activist Congressman from DC, 1971-91 06-Feb-1933 -
Élie Faure Historian History of Art 04-Apr-1873 31-Oct-1937
Gabriel Fauré Composer Requiem 12-May-1845 04-Nov-1924
Renée Faure Actor The Little Thief 04-Nov-1918 02-May-2005
Robert Faurisson Scholar French Holocaust denier 25-Jan-1929 -
Jessie Redmon Fauset Novelist Comedy: American Style 27-Apr-1882 30-Apr-1961
Chad Faust Actor Kyle Baldwin on The 4400 14-Jul-1980 -
Drew Gilpin Faust Educator President of Harvard University 18-Sep-1947 -
David Faustino Actor Bud Bundy on Married with Children 03-Mar-1974 -
John C. Favalora Religion Catholic Archbishop of Miami 05-Dec-1935 -
Malachi Favors Bassist Bass player for Art Ensemble of Chicago 22-Aug-1927 30-Jan-2004
Brett Favre Football Minnesota Vikings QB 10-Oct-1969 -
Jon Favreau Actor Swingers 19-Oct-1966 -
Amelia C. Fawcett Business COO of Morgan Stanley Intl., 2002-06 c. 1956 -
Farrah Fawcett Actor Original blonde on Charlie's Angels 02-Feb-1947 25-Jun-2009
Harris W. Fawell Politician Congressman from Illinois, 1985-99 25-Mar-1929 -
Guy Fawkes Criminal Tried to blow up British Parliament 13-Apr-1570 31-Jan-1606
Maureen A. Fay Educator President, University of Detroit Mercy, 1990-2004 c. 1934 -
Gary P. Fayard Business CFO of Coca Cola c. 1952 -
Alice Faye Actor Fallen Angel 05-May-1915 09-May-1998
Frances Faye Singer Out, Lesbian nightclub singer 04-Nov-1912 08-Nov-1991
Herbie Faye Actor Cpl. Fender on The Phil Silvers Show 02-Feb-1899 28-Jun-1980
Julia Faye Actor Silent film actress 24-Sep-1893 06-Apr-1966
Dodi al-Fayed Business Princess Diana's last boyfriend 15-Apr-1955 31-Aug-1997
Mohamed al-Fayed Business Owner of Harrod's, father of Dodi al-Fayed 27-Jan-1933 -
Marie-Madeleine de la Fayette Novelist La Princesse de Clèves 1634 25-May-1693
Frank Faylen Actor The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis 08-Dec-1905 02-Aug-1985
Louise Fazenda Actor The Old Maid 17-Jun-1895 17-Apr-1962
Vic Fazio Politician Congressman from California, 1979-99 11-Oct-1942 -
Salvatore D. Fazzolari Business CEO of Harsco c. 1955 -
Kenneth Fearing Novelist The Big Clock 28-Jul-1902 26-Jun-1961
Tom Fears Football NFL Hall of Fame Wide Receiver 03-Dec-1922 04-Jan-2000
Angela Featherstone Actor Det. Hannah Tyler on Cracker 03-Apr-1965 -
Michael Fedele Politician Lt. Governor of Connecticut 30-Mar-1955 -
Roger Federer Tennis Winner of 15 Grand Slam titles 08-Aug-1981 -
Richard L. Federico Business Chairman and CEO, P.F. Chang's c. 1954 -
Kevin Federline Relative Briefly Mr. Britney Spears 21-Mar-1978 -
Sergei Fedorov Hockey Columbus Blue Jackets 13-Dec-1969 -
Robert Fee Business Hunter Roberts Construction ? -
Daniel R. Feehan Business Cash America International c. 1950 -
John Feehery Government Washington lobbyist, pundit c. 1963 -
Chuck Feeney Business Duty Free Shoppers 23-Apr-1931 -
Tom Feeney Politician Congressman from Florida, 2003-09 21-May-1958 -
Curtis F. Feeny Business Former EVP, Stanford Management Co. c. 1957 -
John D. Feerick Attorney Dean of Fordham Law, 1982-2002 12-Jul-1936 -
John A. Fees Business CEO, Babcock & Wilcox Companies c. 1957 -
Roshon Fegan Actor Ty Blue on Shake It Up! 06-Oct-1991 -
Brendan Fehr Actor Michael Guerin on Roswell 29-Oct-1977 -
Oded Fehr Actor Resident Evil: Apocalypse 23-Nov-1970 -
Konstantin Fehrenbach Head of State German Chancellor 1920-21 11-Jan-1852 26-Mar-1926
John E. Feick Business Matrix Solutions c. 1944 -
Mark L. Feidler Business COO of Bellsouth, 2005-07 c. 1955 -
Jules Feiffer Cartoonist Can't draw but writes like a master 26-Jan-1929 -
Paul Feig Film Director Unaccompanied Minors 17-Sep-1962 -
Edward F. Feighan Politician Congressman from Ohio, 1983-93 22-Oct-1947 -
Barbara S. Feigin Business Grey Advertising Inc. c. 1937 -
Bruce Fein Government Former Reagan lawyer c. 1947 -
Robert A. Fein Psychologist National Threat Assessment Center ? -
Kenneth Feinberg Government Pay Czar for TARP and Gulf of Mexico disaster 23-Oct-1945 -
Stephen L. Feinberg Business Dorsar Investment Co. c. 1944 -
Steve Feinberg Business Cerberus Capital Management 29-Mar-1960 -
Russ Feingold Politician US Senator from Wisconsin, 1993-2011 02-Mar-1953 -
Dianne Feinstein Politician US Senator from California 22-Jun-1933 -
Leonard Feinstein Business Co-Founder, Bed Bath and Beyond c. 1937 -
Martin D. Feinstein Business Farmers Group c. 1948 -
Michael Feinstein Singer Revives the Great American Songbook 07-Sep-1956 -
Ellen Feiss TV Personality Allegedly Stoned Teen from Apple Ad 1987 -
Feist Singer/Songwriter The Reminder 13-Feb-1976 -
Raymond E. Feist Novelist Riftwar Saga 23-Dec-1945 -
Douglas Feith Government Under Secretary of Defense for Policy, 2001-05 16-Jul-1953 -
Alan D. Feld Attorney Akin, Gump, Strauss, Hauer & Feld c. 1937 -
Fritz Feld Actor Bringing Up Baby 15-Oct-1900 18-Nov-1993
Meyer Feldberg Educator Dean of Columbia Business School, 1989-2004 17-Mar-1942 -
Verona Feldbusch Actor Driven 30-Apr-1968 -
George Feldenkreis Business CEO of Perry Ellis International 14-Aug-1935 -
Don Felder Guitarist Former Guitarist for The Eagles 21-Sep-1947 -
Alan Feldman Business CEO of Midas c. 1952 -
Ben Feldman Actor Fred on Drop Dead Diva 27-May-1980 -
Corey Feldman Actor The Lost Boys 16-Jul-1971 -
Marty Feldman Comic Eye-gor in Young Frankenstein 08-Jul-1933 02-Dec-1982
Morton Feldman Composer Coptic Light 12-Jan-1926 03-Sep-1987
Moses Feldman Business President of AeroMed, Inc. c. 1940 -
Cynthia L. Feldmann Business Jetty Lane Associates c. 1953 -
Barbara Feldon Actor Agent 99 on Get Smart 12-Mar-1933 -
Tovah Feldshuh Actor Kissing Jessica Stein 27-Dec-1952 -
Al Feldstein Editor Editor of MAD, 1956-84 24-Oct-1925 -
Kathleen Foley Feldstein Economist Economics Studies, Inc. c. 1941 -
Martin Feldstein Economist Reagan economist 25-Nov-1939 -
José Feliciano Singer Feliz Navidad 10-Sep-1945 -
Maria Felix Actor The most famous Mexican movie star 08-Apr-1914 08-Apr-2002
Anthony S. Fell Business Chairman, RBC Capital Markets c. 1941 -
Norman Fell Actor Mr. Roper on Three's 天天乐棋牌 24-Mar-1924 14-Dec-1998
Bob Feller Baseball Pitched three no-hitters for Cleveland 03-Nov-1918 15-Dec-2010
Federico Fellini Film Director La Dolce Vita 20-Jan-1920 30-Oct-1993
William J. Fellner Economist Council of Economic Advisers, 1973-75 31-May-1905 15-Sep-1983
Julian Fellowes Actor Shadowlands 17-Aug-1949 -
Edith Fellows Actor 1930s child actor 20-May-1923 26-Jun-2011
George Fellows Business CEO of Callaway Golf 天天乐棋牌 c. 1942 -
Donald E. Felsinger Business CEO of Sempra Energy c. 1948 -
W. Mark Felt Government Watergate's Deep Throat 17-Aug-1913 18-Dec-2008
Ed Felten Computer Programmer Broke SDMI 25-Mar-1963 -
Jeffrey D. Feltman Diplomat US Ambassador to Lebanon, 2004-08 c. 1959 -
Cornelius Felton Scholar Classical scholar of Greek 06-Nov-1807 26-Feb-1862
Dennis Felton Basketball UGA Head Coach 21-Jun-1963 -
Rebecca Latimer Felton Politician First female in the US Senate 10-Jun-1835 24-Jan-1930
Tom Felton Actor Draco Malfoy in Harry Potter films 22-Sep-1987 -
Verna Felton Actor Hilda Crocker on December Bride 20-Jul-1890 14-Dec-1966
Freddy Fender Musician Before the Next Teardrop Falls 04-Jun-1937 14-Oct-2006
Leo Fender Inventor Electric guitarmaker 10-Aug-1909 21-Mar-1991
François Fénelon Author Télémaque 06-Aug-1651 07-Jan-1715
John B. Fenn Chemist Electrospray ionization 15-Jun-1917 10-Dec-2010
Peter Fenn Government Fenn Communications Group c. 1948 -
Sherilyn Fenn Actor Twin Peaks starlet 01-Feb-1965 -
Richard A. Fennessy Business CEO of Insight Enterprises c. 1964 -
Christian Fennesz Electronic Musician Endless Summer 25-Dec-1962 -
Frank Fenton Actor Isle of Forgotten Sins 09-Apr-1906 24-Jul-1957
Adrian Fenty Politician Mayor of Washington DC, 2007-11 07-Dec-1970 -
Colm Feore Actor Trudeau 22-Aug-1958 -
Jody H. Feragen Business CFO of Hormel c. 1956 -
Edna Ferber Novelist Show Boat and Giant 15-Aug-1885 16-Apr-1968
Norman A. Ferber Business Chairman of Ross Stores c. 1949 -
Heino Ferch Actor The Tunnel 18-Aug-1963 -
Pamelyn Ferdin Actor Actress, animal rights protester 04-Feb-1959 -
Ferdinand VI Royalty King of Spain, 1746-59 23-Sep-1713 10-Aug-1759
Ferdinand VII Royalty King of Spain, 1808 and 1814-33 14-Oct-1784 29-Sep-1833
Franz Ferdinand Royalty Assassination touched off WWI 18-Dec-1863 28-Jun-1914
King Ferdinand II Royalty King of Spain, bankrolled Columbus 10-Mar-1452 23-Jan-1516
Rio Ferdinand Soccer Manchester United 07-Nov-1978 -
Ferdowsi Poet Greatest Persian Poet 3-Jan-940 AD 1020 AD
Kirk Ferentz Football Iowa Hawkeyes Head Coach 01-Aug-1955 -
Judith Fergin Diplomat US Ambassador to East Timor c. 1951 -
Andrew Ferguson Journalist Senior Editor, The Weekly Standard ? -
Colin Ferguson Criminal Long Island Railroad Massacre 14-Jan-1958 -
Colin Ferguson Actor Eureka 22-Jul-1972 -
Craig Ferguson Talk Show Host "It's a great day for America" 17-May-1962 -
Frank Ferguson Actor Eli Carson on Peyton Place 25-Dec-1899 12-Sep-1978
Glenn W. Ferguson Educator University president, Ambassador to Kenya 28-Jan-1929 20-Dec-2007
天天乐棋牌r S. Ferguson Politician US Senator from Michigan, 1943-55 25-Feb-1889 17-Dec-1982
J. Brian Ferguson Business CEO of Eastman Chemical c. 1955 -
Jay R. Ferguson Actor Ponyboy Curtis on The Outsiders 25-Jul-1974 -
Jesse Tyler Ferguson Actor Mitchell Pritchett on Modern Family 22-Oct-1975 -
John D. Ferguson Business CEO of Corrections Corp of America c. 1945 -
Maynard Ferguson Jazz Musician Jazz bandleader and trumpeter 04-May-1928 23-Aug-2006
Michael Ferguson Politician Congressman from New Jersey, 2001-09 22-Jul-1970 -
Niall Ferguson Historian The House of Rothschild 18-Apr-1964 -
Rebecca Ferguson Singer Heaven 21-Jul-1986 -
Roger W. Ferguson, Jr. Government CEO of TIAA-CREF 28-Oct-1951 -
Sarah Ferguson Royalty Fergie, Duchess of York 15-Oct-1959 -
Stacy Ferguson Singer Fergie from Black Eyed Peas 27-Mar-1975 -
Thomas F. Ferguson Business United Gulf Management, Ltd. c. 1936 -
Frances D. Fergusson Educator President of Vassar, 1986-2006 03-Oct-1944 -
E. James Ferland Business CEO of PSEG, 1986-2007 19-Mar-1942 -
Guy Ferland Film Director Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights 18-Feb-1966 -
Jodelle Ferland Actor Tideland 09-Oct-1994 -
Randolph M. Ferlic Doctor Thoracic surgeon 17-Jul-1936 -
John Ferling Historian Adams vs. Jefferson ? -
Lawrence Ferlinghetti Poet A Coney Island of the Mind 24-Mar-1919 -
Vanessa Ferlito Actor Det. Aiden Burn on CSI: NY 28-Dec-1980 -
Pierre de Fermat Mathematician Fermat's Last Theorem 17-Aug-1601 12-Jan-1665
Enrico Fermi Physicist First controlled nuclear chain reaction 29-Sep-1901 29-Nov-1954
Fernando Fernán-Gómez Actor Voyage to Nowhere 28-Aug-1921 21-Nov-2007
Fernandel Actor Prolific French comedy star 08-May-1903 26-Feb-1971
Anthony G. Fernandes Business CEO of Phillip 天天乐棋牌, 1999-2002 c. 1945 -
Gary J. Fernandes Business Former EDS executive c. 1944 -
Ferdinand F. Fernandez Judge 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, 1989-2002 29-May-1937 -
Leonel Fernández Head of State President of the Dominican Republic 26-Dec-1953 -
Manuel A. Fernandez Business CEO of Gartner, 1991-98 c. 1948 -
Raul J. Fernandez Business Founder of Proxicom c. 1967 -
Vicente Fernandez Singer Mexican singing sensation 17-Feb-1940 -
Fernando I Royalty King of Portugal, 1367-83 31-Oct-1345 22-Oct-1383
Lisa Ferraday Actor Rancho Notorious 10-Mar-1921 22-Mar-2004
Massimo Ferragamo Business Chairman of Ferragamo USA c. 1958 -
Gil de Ferran Auto Racing Winner, 2003 Indianapolis 500 11-Nov-1967 -
Sebastian Ziani de Ferranti Business England's electrical grid 09-Apr-1864 13-Jan-1930
Abel Ferrara Film Director Bad Lieutenant 19-Jul-1951 -
Jerry Ferrara Actor Turtle on Entourage 25-Nov-1979 -
Enzo Ferrari Business Legendary automobile maker 18-Feb-1898 14-Aug-1988
Lolo Ferrari Pornstar Double Airbags 09-Feb-1970 05-Mar-2000
Galileo Ferraris Physicist Invented the induction motor 31-Oct-1847 07-Feb-1897
Geraldine Ferraro Politician Walter Mondale's VP candidate in 1984 26-Aug-1935 26-Mar-2011
Gianfranco Ferrè Fashion Designer Italian fashion designer 15-Aug-1944 17-Jun-2007
Louis Ferreira Actor Everett Young on Stargate Universe 20-Feb-1967 -
Conchata Ferrell Actor Head nurse Joan Thor on E/R 28-Mar-1943 -
Will Ferrell Comic Saturday Night Live 16-Jul-1967 -
Jose Ferrer Actor The Caine Mutiny 08-Jan-1909 26-Jan-1992
Mel Ferrer Actor War and Peace 25-Aug-1917 02-Jun-2008
Miguel Ferrer Actor Agent Rosenfield on Twin Peaks 07-Feb-1955 -
America Ferrera Actor Ugly Betty 18-Apr-1984 -
Dominique Ferrero Business CEO of Crédit Lyonnais, 1999-2003 c. 1947 -
Juan Carlos Ferrero Tennis Winner, 2003 French Open 12-Feb-1980 -
Jim Ferrier Golf Winner, 1947 PGA Championship 24-Feb-1915 13-Jun-1986
Lou Ferrigno Actor The Incredible Hulk 09-Nov-1951 -
Charles D. Ferris Government FCC Chairman, 1977-81 09-Apr-1933 -
George Ferris Engineer Ferris Wheel 14-Feb-1859 22-Nov-1896
Pam Ferris Actor The Darling Buds of May 11-May-1948 -
Bryan Ferry Musician Frontman of Roxy Music 26-Sep-1945 -
Albert Fert Physicist Giant magnetoresistance 07-Mar-1938 -
Ruth Fertel Business Founder, Ruth's Chris Steak House 05-Feb-1927 16-Apr-2002
William P. Fessenden Politician Senator from Maine, Treasury Secretary 16-Oct-1806 08-Sep-1869
Stepin Fetchit Actor Professional black stereotype 30-May-1902 19-Nov-1985
Trevor Fetter Business CEO of Tenet Healthcare 1960 -
Jeff M. Fettig Business CEO of Whirlpool ? -
Mark R. Fetting Business CEO of Legg Mason c. 1954 -
Ludwig Feuerbach Philosopher Das Weses des Christentums 28-Jul-1804 13-Sep-1872
Emanuel Feuermann Cellist Cellist 22-Nov-1902 25-May-1942
Mark Feuerstein Actor Good Morning, Miami 08-Jun-1971 -
Edwin Feulner Activist Heritage Foundation founder 12-Aug-1941 -
Mark Few Basketball Head Coach, Gonzaga University 27-Dec-1962 -
Tina Fey Actor Liz Lemon on 30 Rock 18-May-1970 -
Jacques Feyder Film Director Carnival in Flanders 21-Jul-1885 24-May-1948
Paul K. Feyerabend Philosopher Against Method 13-Jan-1924 11-Feb-1994
Richard Feynman Physicist Surely he's joking 11-May-1918 15-Feb-1988
Lupe Fiasco Rapper Lupe Fiasco's Food & Liquor 16-Feb-1982 -
Johannes Fibiger Scientist Caused cancer in lab rats 23-Apr-1867 30-Jan-1928
Leonardo Fibonacci Mathematician Liber Abacis c. 1175 1250
Johann Gottlieb Fichte Philosopher Critique of Revelation 19-May-1762 27-Jan-1814
William Fichtner Actor Agent Mahone on Prison Break 27-Nov-1956 -
Marsilio Ficino Philosopher Italian humanist philosopher 19-Oct-1433 01-Oct-1499
Arthur Fiedler Conductor Conductor of the Boston Pops 17-Dec-1894 10-Jul-1979
Hanno C. Fiedler Business CEO of Ball Packaging Europe, 2002-05 24-Jun-1945 -
John Fiedler Actor Voice of Piglet 03-Feb-1925 25-Jun-2005
John F. Fiedler Business CEO of BorgWarner, 1995-2003 1938 -
Leslie A. Fiedler Critic Love and Death in the American Novel 08-Mar-1917 29-Jan-2003
Eugene C. Fiedorek Business EnCap Investments c. 1931 -
Doug Fieger Singer/Songwriter Lead singer of The Knack 20-Aug-1952 14-Feb-2010
Betty Field Actor Picnic 08-Feb-1913 13-Sep-1973
Chelsea Field Actor Masters of the Universe 27-May-1957 -
Cyrus W. Field Business First Transatlantic cable 30-Nov-1819 12-Jul-1892
David Dudley Field Attorney Spurred codification of US law 13-Feb-1805 13-Apr-1894
Eugene Field Journalist A Little Book of Western Verse 02-Sep-1850 04-Nov-1895
John Field Composer Irish composer of Nocturnes 26-Jul-1782 23-Jan-1837
Marshall Field Business Founder of Marshall Field's 18-Aug-1834 16-Jan-1906
Marshall Field IV Business Owner of the Chicago Sun-Times, 1956-65 15-Jun-1916 18-Sep-1965
Marshall Field III Business Founder of the Chicago Sun-Times 28-Sep-1893 08-Nov-1956
Rachel Field Author Hitty, Her First Hundred Years 19-Sep-1894 15-Mar-1942
Sally Field Actor Steel Magnolias 06-Nov-1946 -
Shirley Anne Field Actor My Beautiful Laundrette 27-Jun-1938 -
Stephen J. Field Judge US Supreme Court Justice, 1863-97 04-Nov-1816 09-Apr-1899
Virginia Field Actor Waterloo Bridge 04-Nov-1917 02-Jan-1992
Cecil Fielder Baseball Hit 51 天天乐棋牌 runs in 1990 21-Sep-1963 -
Prince Fielder Baseball Detroit Tigers first-baseman 09-May-1984 -
Fred F. Fielding Attorney White House Counsel to Reagan, GWB 21-Mar-1939 -
Helen Fielding Novelist Bridget Jones's Diary 19-Feb-1958 -
Henry Fielding Novelist Tom Jones 22-Apr-1707 08-Oct-1754
Janet Fielding Actor Tegan from Doctor Who 1957 -
Marjorie Fielding Actor English stage actress 17-Feb-1892 28-Dec-1956
Noel Fielding Actor The Mighty Boosh 21-May-1973 -
Alexis Fields Actor Diavian Johnson on Sister, Sister 03-Mar-1979 -
Cleo Fields Politician Congressman from Louisiana, 1993-97 22-Nov-1962 -
Debbi Fields Business Founder of Mrs. Field's Cookies, Inc. 18-Sep-1956 -
Dorothy Fields Songwriter On the Sunny Side of the Street 15-Jul-1905 28-Mar-1974
Gracie Fields Singer Sally in Our Alley 09-Jan-1898 27-Sep-1979
Jack M. Fields Politician Congressman from Texas, 1981-97 03-Feb-1952 -
James Thomas Fields Editor Editor of the Atlantic Monthly 31-Dec-1817 24-Apr-1881
Kim Fields Actor Tootie on The Facts of Life 12-May-1969 -
Stanley Fields Actor Way Out West 20-May-1883 23-Apr-1941
Totie Fields Comic Weight-conscious comedienne 07-May-1930 02-Aug-1978
W. C. Fields Comic The Bank Dick 29-Jan-1880 25-Dec-1946
William R. Fields Business CEO of Hudson's Bay 天天乐棋牌, 1997-99 c. 1949 -
Joseph Fiennes Actor Shakespeare in Love 27-May-1970 -
Ralph Fiennes Actor The English Patient 22-Dec-1962 -
Ranulph Fiennes Explorer World explorer 07-Mar-1944 -
Harvey Fierstein Actor Torch Song Trilogy 06-Jun-1952 -
Giuseppe Marco Fieschi Assassin Attempted assassin of Louis-Philippe 1790 19-Feb-1836
Eugene V. Fife Business Former Partner, Goldman Sachs c. 1940 -
Mike Figgis Film Director Liebestraum 28-Feb-1948 -
Luís Figo Soccer Inter Milan FC 04-Nov-1972 -
William H. Fike Business Vice Chairman, Magna International, 1994-99 c. 1936 -
Hans Filbinger Politician Disgraced German politician 15-Sep-1913 01-Apr-2007
Francesco Filelfo Scholar Italian humanist 1398 1481
Thom Filicia TV Personality Interior Design Queer Eye guy 17-May-1968 -
Mark Filip Government US Deputy Attorney General 01-Jun-1966 -
Nathan Fillion Actor Richard Castle on Castle 27-Mar-1971 -
Abigail Fillmore First Lady Wife of US President Millard Fillmore 13-Mar-1798 30-Mar-1853
Millard Fillmore Head of State 13th President of the US, 1850-53 07-Jan-1800 08-Mar-1874
François Fillon Head of State Prime Minister of France, 2007-10 04-Mar-1954 -
Bob Filner Politician Congressman, California 51st 04-Sep-1942 -
David Filo Business Co-Founder of Yahoo 20-Apr-1966 -
Alexandre Dumas fils Playwright La dame aux camélias 27-Jul-1824 27-Nov-1895
Dani Filth Singer Cradle of Filth 25-Jul-1973 -
Travis Fimmel Model Former Calvin Klein model 15-Jul-1979 -
Irial Finan Business EVP at Coca Cola 1957 -
Cliff Finch Politician Governor of Mississippi, 1976-80 04-Apr-1927 22-Apr-1986
George Finch Chemist Oxygen for mountain climbing 04-Aug-1888 22-Nov-1970
Jennifer Finch Bassist Former L7 bassist 05-Aug-1966 -
Jon Finch Actor Frenzy 02-Mar-1941 -
Peter Finch Actor Network 28-Sep-1916 14-Jan-1977
Robert H. Finch Government HEW Secretary, 1969-70 09-Oct-1925 10-Oct-1995
Timothy W. Finchem Golf PGA Tour Commissioner 19-Apr-1947 -
David Fincher Film Director Fight Club 28-Aug-1962 -
Stephen Fincher Politician Congressman, Tennessee 8th 07-Feb-1973 -
Troy Findley Politician Lt. Governor of Kansas 11-Jul-1964 -
Glenn Fine Attorney Justice Department Inspector General c. 1956 -
Jeanna Fine Pornstar Sleeping Booty 29-Sep-1964 -
John S. Fine Politician Governor of Pennsylvania, 1951-55 10-Apr-1893 21-May-1978
Larry Fine Actor Larry on The Three Stooges 05-Oct-1902 24-Jan-1975
Vivian Fine Composer Drama for Orchestra 28-Sep-1913 20-Mar-2000
Howard Fineman Journalist Huffington Post political analyst c. 1948 -
Jonathan Finer Journalist Washington Post reporter c. 1976 -
Bruno de Finetti Mathematician Subjective probability 13-Jun-1906 20-Jul-1985
Eric D. Fingerhut Politician Congressman from Ohio, 1993-95 06-May-1959 -
Rollie Fingers Baseball MLB needs more handlebar moustaches 25-Aug-1946 -
Leonor Fini Painter Surrealist painter, sex kitten 30-Aug-1907 18-Jan-1996
Lawrence D. Fink Business CEO of BlackRock c. 1953 -
Tom Fink Politician Mayor of Anchorage, 1987-94 26-Aug-1928 -
Fyvush Finkel Actor Picket Fences 09-Oct-1923 -
Norman Finkelstein Scholar The Holocaust Industry 08-Dec-1953 -
Frank Finlay Actor Othello 06-Aug-1926 -
James Finlayson Actor D'oh! 27-Aug-1887 09-Oct-1953
Cameron Finley Actor Leave It to Beaver 30-Aug-1987 -
Charlie Finley Baseball Owner of the Oakland A's 1960-80 22-Feb-1918 19-Feb-1996
Diane Finley Politician Canadian MP, Haldimand--Norfolk 03-Oct-1957 -
G. Stephen Finley Business CFO of Baker Hughes, 1999-2006 c. 1951 -
Julie Finley Socialite US Ambassador to the OSCE c. 1938 -
Karen Finley Artist Yam-slathering performance artist 07-Mar-1956 -
Leticia Finley Relative Wife of Billy Ray Cyrus 01-Sep-1959 -
John Finn Actor John Stillman on Cold Case 30-Sep-1952 -
John F. Finn Business CEO of Gardner, Inc. c. 1948 -
Neil Finn Musician Split Enz and Crowded House 27-May-1958 -
Robert Finn Diplomat US Ambassador to Afghanistan, 2002-03 19-Dec-1945 -
Tim Finn Musician Frontman for Split Enz 25-Jun-1952 -
Christian Finnegan Comic Two For Flinching 01-Apr-1973 -
John D. Finnegan Business CEO of Chubb 31-Jan-1949 -
Wilfred A. Finnegan Business GoldenTree Asset Management c. 1959 -
Albert Finney Actor Erin Brockovich 09-May-1936 -
Charles Grandison Finney Religion Second Awakening 29-Aug-1792 16-Aug-1875
Jack Finney Novelist Invasion of the Body Snatchers 02-Oct-1911 14-Nov-1995
Joan Finney Politician Governor of Kansas, 1991-95 12-Feb-1925 28-Jul-2001
Jennifer Finnigan Actor Close to 天天乐棋牌 22-Aug-1979 -
Robert J. Finocchio, Jr. Business CEO of Informix, 1997-99 c. 1951 -
Niels Ryberg Finsen Doctor Light therapy for lupus 15-Dec-1860 25-Sep-1904
Dow Finsterwald Golf Winner, 1958 PGA Championship 06-Sep-1929 -
Melanie Fiona Singer The Bridge 04-Jul-1983 -
Linda Fiorentino Actor Dogma, Jade 09-Mar-1958 -
Martin Fiorentino Attorney Lobbyist c. 1959 -
Carly Fiorina Business CEO of Hewlett Packard, 1999-2005 06-Sep-1954 -
Alexis Fire Pornstar Lactating contortionist-cum-prostitute 25-Jul-1964 -
Andrew Z. Fire Scientist RNA interference 27-Apr-1959 -
Andrew Firestone TV Personality The Bachelor 10-Jul-1975 -
Harvey Firestone Business Rubber tire baron 20-Dec-1868 07-Feb-1938
Leonard K. Firestone Business US Ambassador to Belgium, 1974-77 10-Jun-1907 24-Dec-1996
Rudolf Firkusny Pianist Czech-American piano prodigy 11-Feb-1912 19-Jul-1994
Sam Firstenberg Film Director American Ninja 13-Mar-1950 -
Colin Firth Actor Pride and Prejudice 10-Sep-1960 -
Peter Firth Actor Harry Pearce on Spooks 27-Oct-1953 -
Sir Raymond Firth Anthropologist Economic Anthropology 25-Mar-1901 22-Feb-2002
Siegfried Fischbacher Magician Siegfried and Roy 13-Jun-1939 -
Bobby Fischer Chess Player Eccentric chess grandmaster 09-Mar-1943 18-Jan-2008
Bryan Fischer Radio Personality Right-wing radio host 1951 -
Edmond H. Fischer Scientist Protein phosphorylation 06-Apr-1920 -
Edwin Fischer Pianist Pianist/conductor, emphasis Bach and Mozart 06-Oct-1886 24-Jan-1960
Emil Fischer Chemist Peptide bond 09-Oct-1852 15-Jul-1919
Ernst Otto Fischer Chemist Organometallic "sandwich" compounds 10-Nov-1918 23-Jul-2007
Fritz Fischer Historian Blamed Germany for World War I 05-Mar-1908 01-Dec-1999
Hans Fischer Chemist Synthesized hemin 27-Jul-1881 31-Mar-1945
Heinz Fischer Head of State President of Austria 09-Oct-1938 -
Jenna Fischer Actor Pam Beesly on The Office 07-Mar-1974 -
Joschka Fischer Politician German Foreign Minister, 1998-2005 12-Apr-1948 -
Fish Singer Lead singer of Marillion, 1981-88 25-Apr-1958 -
Albert Fish Criminal Serial killer and cannibal 19-May-1870 16-Jan-1936
Hamilton Fish Politician US Secretary of State, 1869-77 03-Aug-1808 07-Sep-1893
Hamilton Fish IV Politician Congressman from New York, 1969-95 03-Jun-1926 23-Jul-1996
Lawrence K. Fish Business CEO of Citizens Financial Group c. 1944 -
Stanley Fish Scholar Deconstructionist literary critic 19-Apr-1938 -
J. Dudley Fishburn Business British MP, Kensington, 1988-97 08-Jun-1946 -
Laurence Fishburne Actor The Matrix 30-Jul-1961 -
Danielle Fishel Actor Topanga on Boy Meets World 05-May-1981 -
Amy Fisher Criminal Long Island Lolita 21-Aug-1974 -
Andrew Fisher Head of State Former Prime Minister of Australia 29-Aug-1862 22-Oct-1928
Antony Fisher Activist Libertarian think-tank founder 1915 Jul-1988
Carrie Fisher Actor Princess Leia in Star Wars 21-Oct-1956 -
D. Michael Fisher Judge 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals 07-Nov-1944 -
Derek Fisher Basketball Oklahoma City Thunder point guard 09-Aug-1974 -
Donald Fisher Business Co-Founder of The Gap 03-Sep-1928 27-Sep-2009
Donne F. Fisher Business Former EVP at TCI 24-May-1938 -
Doris F. Fisher Business Co-Founder of The Gap 1932 -
Dorothy Canfield Fisher Author Understood Betsy 17-Feb-1879 09-Nov-1958
Eddie Fisher Singer Crooner, top RCA/Victor vocalist 10-Aug-1928 22-Sep-2010
Frances Fisher Actor House of Sand and Fog 11-May-1952 -
Franklin M. Fisher Economist Economist at MIT 13-Dec-1934 -
Fred Fisher Songwriter Dardanella 30-Sep-1875 14-Jan-1942
Gail Fisher Actor Peggy Fair on Mannix 18-Aug-1935 02-Dec-2000
George M. C. Fisher Business CEO of Kodak, 1993-2000 c. 1940 -
Herman G. Fisher Business Co-Founder of Fisher-Price Toys 02-Nov-1898 26-Sep-1975
Irving Fisher Economist The Theory of Interest 27-Feb-1867 29-Apr-1947
Isla Fisher Actor Shannon Reed on 天天乐棋牌 and Away 03-Feb-1976 -
James R. Fisher Business CEO of Bristol West Holdings, 2000-06 c. 1955 -
Jeff Fisher Football Head Coach, St Louis Rams 25-Feb-1958 -
Joely Fisher Actor Nostradamus 29-Oct-1967 -
John W. Fisher Business CEO of Ball Corporation, 1970-81 c. 1916 28-Jun-2009
Lee Fisher Politician Lt. Governor of Ohio, 2007-11 07-Aug-1951 -
Max M. Fisher Business Gas station tycoon 15-Jul-1908 03-Mar-2005
Michael M. Fisher Business Power Quality Engineering c. 1945 -
Raymond C. Fisher Judge 9th Circuit Court of Appeals 12-Jul-1939 -
Richard T. Fisher Business Oppenheimer & Co. c. 1939 -
Richard W. Fisher Business President and CEO, Dallas Fed 18-Mar-1949 -
Robert J. Fisher Business Interim CEO of The Gap 1954 -
Robert W. Fisher Business President of Dole Food, 1986-90 c. 1937 -
Ronald Fisher Mathematician Analysis of variance and covariance 17-Feb-1890 29-Jul-1962
Terence Fisher Film Director Dracula, Prince of Darkness 23-Feb-1904 18-Jun-1980
Walter Lowrie Fisher Government US Interior Secretary, 1911-13 04-Jul-1862 09-Nov-1935
Alan H. Fishman Business Meridian Capital Group c. 1946 -
Hal Fishman Journalist Los Angeles TV news anchor 25-Aug-1931 07-Aug-2007
Jay S. Fishman Business CEO of Travelers 04-Nov-1952 -
Jon Fishman Drummer Drummer for Phish 19-Feb-1965 -
Michael Fishman Actor D.J. Conner on Roseanne 22-Oct-1981 -
Steven S. Fishman Business CEO of Big Lots c. 1950 -
Carlton Fisk Baseball Catcher for 2,226 games 26-Dec-1947 -
Jim Fisk Business Business partner of Jay Gould 01-Apr-1834 06-Jan-1872
Robert Fisk Journalist Foreign correspondent for The Independent 12-Jul-1946 -
Schuyler Fisk Actor Orange County 08-Jul-1982 -
John Fiske Historian Outlines of Cosmic Philosophy 30-Mar-1842 04-Jul-1901
Bill Fitch Basketball Longtime NBA and NCAA coach 19-May-1934 -
Ezra Fitch Business Abercrombie & Fitch 21-Sep-1865 16-Jun-1930
Val Fitch Physicist Time not necessarily reversible 10-Mar-1923 -
Donald V. Fites Business CEO of Caterpillar, 1990-99 20-Jan-1934 -
Emerson Fittipaldi Auto Racing Formula-1, Indy racer 12-Dec-1946 -
Tom Fitton Activist Judicial Watch president ? -
Dudley Fitts Scholar Translator of Greek literature 28-Apr-1903 10-Jul-1968
Robert W. Fitts Diplomat US Ambassador to Papua New Guinea, 2003-06 ? -
Edward Fitzalan-Howard Aristocrat 18th Duke of Norfolk 02-Dec-1956 -
Barry Fitzgerald Actor Going My Way 10-Mar-1888 14-Jan-1961
Dan Fitzgerald Basketball Gonzaga Head Coach, 1985-97 03-Mar-1942 19-Jan-2010
Ella Fitzgerald Singer The First Lady of Jazz 25-Apr-1917 15-Jun-1996
F. Scott Fitzgerald Author The Great Gatsby 24-Sep-1896 21-Dec-1940
Gale S. Fitzgerald Business Partner, TranSpend, Inc. c. 1951 -
Garret FitzGerald Head of State Twice Prime Minister of Ireland 09-Feb-1926 19-May-2011
Geraldine Fitzgerald Actor Wuthering Heights 24-Nov-1913 17-Jul-2005
Niall FitzGerald Business Chairman of Reuters 13-Sep-1945 -
Patrick J. Fitzgerald Government Special Counsel for Plame case 22-Dec-1960 -
Penelope Fitzgerald Novelist The Blue Flower 17-Dec-1916 28-Apr-2000
Peter Fitzgerald Politician US Senator from Illinois, 1999-2005 20-Oct-1960 -
Tara Fitzgerald Actor Sirens 18-Sep-1967 -
Thom Fitzgerald Film Director The Hanging Garden 08-Jul-1968 -
Thomas R. Fitzgerald Judge Justice, Illinois Supreme Court c. 1941 -
W. Paul Fitzgerald Business CFO of EMC, 1988-95 c. 1942 -
George Fitzmaurice Film Director The Son of the Sheik 13-Feb-1885 13-Jun-1940
J. Michael Fitzpatrick Business President of Rohm and Haas, 1999-2005 c. 1946 -
Leo Fitzpatrick Actor Kids and Storytelling 10-Aug-1978 -
Mike Fitzpatrick Politician Congressman, Pennsylvania 8th 28-Jun-1963 -
Henry FitzRoy Aristocrat 12th Duke of Grafton 06-Apr-1978 -
Cotton Fitzsimmons Basketball 21 seasons as NBA head coach 07-Oct-1931 24-Jul-2004
Dennis J. FitzSimons Business CEO of Tribune Co., 2003-07 26-Jun-1950 -
Marlin Fitzwater Government White House Press Secretary 1987-93 24-Nov-1942 -
Paul Fix Actor Marshal Torrance on The Rifleman 13-Mar-1901 14-Oct-1983
Roger L. Fix Business CEO of Standex c. 1953 -
Lil' Fizz Rapper B2K 26-Nov-1985 -
Joe Flacco Football Baltimore Ravens QB 16-Jan-1985 -
Roberta Flack Singer Killing Me Softly with His Song 10-Feb-1939 -
Fannie Flagg Comic Fried Green Tomatoes 21-Sep-1944 -
James Montgomery Flagg Painter I Want YOU for U.S. Army 18-Jun-1877 27-May-1960
Kirsten Flagstad Singer Wagnerian soprano 12-Jul-1895 07-Dec-1962
Jim Flaherty Politician Canadian Minister of Finance 30-Dec-1949 -
Joe Flaherty Comic SCTV 21-Jun-1941 -
Peter F. Flaherty Politician Mayor of Pittsburgh, 1970-77 25-Jun-1924 18-Apr-2005
Ray Flaherty Football Redskins Coach, 1936-42 01-Sep-1903 19-Jul-1994
Robert J. Flaherty Film Director Nanook of the North 16-Feb-1884 23-Jul-1951
Ric Flair Wrestling Pro wrestler 25-Feb-1949 -
Floyd H. Flake Politician Congressman from New York, 1987-97 30-Jan-1945 -
Jeff Flake Politician Congressman, Arizona 6th 31-Dec-1962 -
John Flamsteed Astronomer Founder of Greenwich Observatory 19-Aug-1646 31-Dec-1719
Bob Flanagan Performance Artist Supermasochist 27-Dec-1952 04-Jan-1996
Caitlin Flanagan Author Antifeminist ? -
Fionnula Flanagan Actor James Joyce's Women 10-Dec-1941 -
Michael Flanagan Politician Congressman from Illinois, 1995-97 09-Nov-1962 -
Tommy Flanagan Actor Dead Dogs Lie 03-Jul-1965 -
Ed Flanders Actor Dr. Westphall on St. Elsewhere 29-Dec-1934 22-Feb-1995
Sean Patrick Flanery Actor The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles 01-Oct-1965 -
Joe Flanigan Actor Stargate: Atlantis 05-Jan-1967 -
Timothy Flanigan Government Would-be Deputy US Attorney General 16-May-1953 -
Janet Flanner Journalist The New Yorker 13-Mar-1892 07-Nov-1978
John Spalding Flannery Attorney Prominent Washington attorney 16-May-1870 17-Feb-1954
Susan Flannery Actor The Bold and the Beautiful 31-Jul-1940 -
Maureen Flannigan Actor Evie on Out of This World 30-Dec-1973 -
John Flansburgh Musician They Might Be Giants 06-May-1960 -
Michael Flatley Dancer Lord of the Dance 16-Jul-1958 -
Ira Flatow Radio Personality Talk of the Nation: Science Friday 09-Mar-1949 -
Lester Flatt Musician Bluegrass pioneer, Flatt & Scruggs 19-Jun-1914 11-May-1979
Gustave Flaubert Novelist Realist novelist, Madame Bovary 12-Dec-1821 08-May-1880
David Flaum Activist Flaum Management 天天乐棋牌 c. 1953 -
Joel M. Flaum Judge 7th Circuit Court of Appeals 26-Nov-1936 -
Russell M. Flaum Business EVP at Illinois Tool Works c. 1950 -
Flavor Flav Rapper Public Enemy 16-Mar-1959 -
Martin Flavin Novelist Journey in the Dark 02-Nov-1883 27-Dec-1967
James B. Flaws Business CFO of Corning c. 1949 -
Bobby Flay Chef Southwestern cuisine impresario 10-Dec-1964 -
Flea Bassist Bassist for Red Hot Chili Peppers 16-Oct-1962 -
Bela Fleck Musician Banjo virtuoso 10-Jul-1958 -
Jack Fleck Golf Winner, 1955 US Open 07-Nov-1921 -
Gary Fleder Film Director Runaway Jury 19-Dec-1965 -
Mick Fleetwood Musician Fleetwood Mac 24-Jun-1947 -
Susan Fleetwood Actor The Sacrifice 21-Sep-1944 29-Sep-1995
Ari Fleischer Government White House Press Secretary, 2001-03 13-Oct-1960 -
Richard Fleischer Film Director Soylent Green 08-Dec-1916 24-Mar-2006
Chuck Fleischmann Politician Congressman, Tennessee 3rd 11-Oct-1962 -
Martin Fleischmann Chemist Cold fusion crank 29-Mar-1927 03-Aug-2012
Leon Fleisher Pianist Piano virtuoso 23-Jul-1928 -
Herbert Fleishhacker Business San Francisco banking magnate 02-Nov-1872 1957
Joel L. Fleishman Business The Foundation: A Great American Secret c. 1935 -
Heidi Fleiss Criminal Hollywood madam 30-Dec-1965 -
Noah Fleiss Actor Josh and S.A.M. 16-Apr-1984 -
Alexander Fleming Scientist Discovered penicillin 06-Aug-1881 11-Mar-1955
Andrew Fleming Film Director The Craft 14-Mar-1963 -
Art Fleming Game Show Host Original Jeopardy! host 01-May-1924 25-Apr-1995
Eric Fleming Actor Gil Favor on Rawhide 04-Jul-1925 28-Sep-1966
Gregory J. Fleming Business Co-President of Merrill Lynch c. 1964 -
Ian Fleming Novelist Author of the James Bond series 28-May-1908 12-Aug-1964
John Fleming Politician Congressman, Louisiana 4th 05-Jul-1951 -
John Ambrose Fleming Engineer Invented the vacuum tube 29-Nov-1849 19-Apr-1945
Peggy Fleming Figure Skating Olympic gold medal winning ice skater 27-Jul-1948 -
Renée Fleming Singer The Beautiful Voice 14-Feb-1959 -
Rhonda Fleming Actor Spellbound 10-Aug-1923 -
Robben W. Fleming Educator President, University of Michigan, 1968-78 18-Dec-1916 10-Jan-2010
Victor Fleming Film Director Gone With the Wind 23-Feb-1883 06-Jan-1949
Dennis Flemion Singer/Songwriter The Frogs ? -
Jimmy Flemion Singer/Songwriter The Frogs ? -
Arthur S. Flemming Government HEW Secretary, 1958-61 12-Jun-1905 07-Sep-1996
Walther Flemming Biologist Chromosomes and mitosis 21-Apr-1843 04-Aug-1905
Jason Flemyng Actor The Quatermass Experiment 25-Sep-1966 -
Rodman Flender Film Director Idle Hands 09-Jun-1962 -
Andrew Fletcher Musician Keyboardist, Depeche Mode 08-Jul-1961 -
Betty B. Fletcher Judge 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, 1979-98 29-Mar-1923 -
Brendan Fletcher Actor Eric Anderson on Caitlin's Way 15-Dec-1981 -
Denise K. Fletcher Business EVP Finance at Vulcan Energy c. 1949 -
Dexter Fletcher Actor Hotel Babylon 31-Jan-1966 -
Duncan U. Fletcher Politician Congressman from Florida, 1909-36 06-Jan-1859 17-Jun-1936
Ernie Fletcher Politician Governor of Kentucky, 2003-07 12-Nov-1952 -
Jack Fletcher Photographer National Geographic photographer 1917 31-Dec-2003
John Fletcher Playwright Collaborator with Francis Beaumont 1579 29-Aug-1625
Joseph Fletcher Sociologist Situation ethics 10-Apr-1905 28-Oct-1991
Louise Fletcher Actor Nurse Ratched in One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest 22-Jul-1934 -
William A. Fletcher Judge 9th Circuit Court of Appeals 06-Jun-1945 -
Olivier Fleurot Business Executive Chairman, Publicis ? -
Antony Flew Philosopher British Libertarian philosopher 11-Feb-1923 08-Apr-2010
Abraham Flexner Educator The American College 13-Nov-1866 21-Sep-1959
Friedrich Karl Flick Business Richest man in Austria 03-Feb-1927 05-Oct-2006
Douglas J. Flint Business Group Finance Director, HSBC c. 1956 -
Jill Flint Actor Jill Casey on Royal Pains 25-Nov-1977 -
Lil' Flip Rapper Texan freestyle rapper 03-Mar-1981 -
Jay C. Flippen Actor The Killing 06-Mar-1899 03-Feb-1971
Ronnie G. Flippo Politician Congressman from Alabama, 1976-91 15-Aug-1937 -
Calista Flockhart Actor Ally McBeal 11-Nov-1964 -
Suzanne Flon Actor One Deadly Summer 28-Jan-1918 15-Jun-2005
Flood Music Producer Produced albums for Nine Inch Nails, U2, etc. c. 1960 -
Curt Flood Baseball Tried to topple MLB's antitrust exemption 18-Jan-1938 20-Jan-1997
Joel West Flood Judge Virginia Congressman, Judge 02-Aug-1894 27-Apr-1964
Dann Florek Actor Law & Order: SVU 01-May-1950 -
Myron Floren Musician Accordionist for Lawrence Welk 05-Nov-1919 23-Jul-2005
Tyler Florence Chef Food 911 on the Food Network 03-Mar-1971 -
Bill Flores Politician Congressman, Texas 17th 25-Feb-1954 -
Tom Flores Football Raiders QB, later Head Coach 21-Mar-1937 -
Howard Florey Scientist Isolated penicillin 24-Sep-1898 21-Feb-1968
Robert Florey Film Director Tarzan and the Mermaids 14-Sep-1900 16-May-1979
Juan Diego Flórez Singer Operatic tenor 13-Jan-1973 -
Flo Rida Rapper Low 17-Sep-1979 -
James Florio Politician Governor of New Jersey, 1990-94 29-Aug-1937 -
Steven Florio Publisher CEO of Condé Nast, 1995-2005 19-Apr-1949 27-Dec-2007
Med Flory Musician Supersax 27-Aug-1926 -
Paul J. Flory Chemist Studied polymers 19-Jun-1910 09-Sep-1985
Brandon Flowers Musician The Killers 21-Jun-1981 -
Gennifer Flowers Relative Former mistress of Bill Clinton 24-Jan-1950 -
Wayland Flowers Performance Artist Madame's puppeteer 26-Nov-1939 11-Oct-1988
Eddie Floyd Musician R&B/Stax performer and songwriter 25-Jun-1935 -
Edward Floyd Doctor Floyd Medical Associates c. 1934 -
Pretty Boy Floyd Criminal Bank robber 03-Feb-1904 22-Oct-1934
Ray Floyd Golf Won 4 Majors 04-Sep-1942 -
Tim Floyd Basketball USC Head Coach 25-Feb-1954 -
Robert Fludd Scientist Cosmologist and hermetic philosopher 1574 08-Sep-1637
Darlanne Fluegel Actor To Live and Die in LA 25-Nov-1958 -
Patrick Flueger Actor Shawn Farrell on The 4400 10-Dec-1983 -
John M. Fluke, Jr. Business CEO of Fluke, 1983-87 c. 1942 -
Peter J. Fluor Business CEO of Texas Crude Energy c. 1948 -
Doug Flutie Football Greatest CFL quarterback 23-Oct-1962 -
Errol Flynn Actor Robin Hood 20-Jun-1909 14-Oct-1959
Joe Flynn Actor Capt. Binghamton on McHale's Navy 08-Nov-1924 19-Jul-1974
John Flynn Film Director Brainscan 14-Mar-1932 04-Apr-2007
John T. Flynn Journalist The Roosevelt Myth 25-Oct-1882 13-Apr-1964
Michael Flynn Author The January Dancer 1947 -
Miriam Flynn Actor Vacation 18-Jun-1952 -
Neil Flynn Actor The Janitor on Scrubs 13-Nov-1960 -
Raymond L. Flynn Politician Mayor of Boston, 1984-93 22-Jul-1939 -
Vince Flynn Novelist Term Limits 1966 -
William J. Flynn Business CEO of Atlas Air Worldwide c. 1953 -
William J. Flynn Government FBI Director, 1919-21 1867 14-Oct-1928
Althea Flynt Relative Larry Flynt's dead wife 06-Nov-1953 27-Jun-1987
Henry Flynt Musician Violin composer turned philosopher 1940 -
Jack Flynt Politician Congressman from Georgia, 1954-79 08-Nov-1914 24-Jun-2007
Larry Flynt Business Publisher of HUSTLER 01-Nov-1942 -
Dario Fo Playwright Italian playwright and Nobel laureate 26-Mar-1926 -
Ferdinand Foch Military Allied Supreme Commander WWI 02-Oct-1851 20-Mar-1929
Nina Foch Actor Executive Suite 20-Apr-1924 05-Dec-2008
Jonathan Safran Foer Novelist Everything Is Illuminated 21-Feb-1977 -
Norman Foerster Critic New Humanist movement 14-Apr-1887 01-Aug-1972
Edward T. Fogarty Business CEO of Tambrands, 1994-97 c. 1937 -
Antonio Fogazzaro Novelist Piccolo mondo antico 25-Mar-1842 07-Mar-1911
Robert W. Fogel Economist Cliometrics 01-Jul-1926 -
Dan Fogelberg Musician Leader Of The Band 13-Aug-1951 16-Dec-2007
John Fogerty Musician Creedence Clearwater Revival 28-May-1945 -
Tom Fogerty Guitarist Creedence Clearwater Revival 09-Nov-1941 06-Sep-1990
Richard E. Fogg Business Former Partner, Price Waterhouse c. 1940 -
Dusty Foggo Government CIA Executive Director, 2004-06 17-Mar-1954 -
Jared Fogle Meme Lost 245 lbs eating only fast food 01-Dec-1977 -
Ronald R. Fogleman Military USAF Chief of Staff, 1994-97 27-Jan-1942 -
Thomas Foglietta Politician Congressman from Pennsylvania, 1981-97 03-Dec-1928 13-Nov-2004
Phil Foglio Artist Dragon magazine cartoonist 01-May-1956 -
Ben Folds Singer/Songwriter Pianist, Ben Folds Five 12-Sep-1966 -
William P. Foley II Business CEO of Fidelity National Financial 1944 -
April H. Foley Business US Ambassador to Hungary, 2006-09 c. 1947 -
Dave Foley Actor The Kids in the Hall 04-Jan-1963 -
David I. Foley Business Blackstone Group c. 1967 -
James Foley Film Director Glengarry Glen Ross 28-Dec-1953 -
James B. Foley Diplomat US Ambassador to Haiti, 2003-05 04-Apr-1957 -
Mark Foley Politician Congressman from Florida, 1995-2006 08-Sep-1954 -
Mick Foley Wrestling Cactus Jack 07-Jun-1965 -
Patrick Foley Business CEO of DHL Airways, 1988-99 c. 1932 -
Red Foley Country Musician Country crooner, wrote Old Shep 17-Jun-1910 19-Sep-1968
Rita V. Foley Business Former VP, MeadWestVaco c. 1954 -
Scott Foley Actor Noel Crane on Felicity 15-Jul-1972 -
Thomas C. Foley Business US Ambassador to Ireland, 2006-09 09-Jan-1952 -
Timothy Foley Military US Marine Band director 06-May-1946 -
Tom Foley Politician Speaker of the House, 1989-95 06-Mar-1929 -
Charles J. Folger Politician US Secretary of the Treasury, 1881-84 16-Apr-1818 04-Sep-1884
John Folinsbee Painter Impressionist painter 14-Mar-1892 10-May-1972
Joseph W. Folk Politician Governor of Missouri, 1905-09 29-Oct-1869 29-May-1923
Mary Parker Follett Business Community centers and conflict resolution 03-Sep-1868 18-Dec-1933
Charles M. La Follette Politician Congressman from Indiana, 1943-47 27-Feb-1898 27-Jun-1974
Thomas J. Folliard Business CEO of Carmax c. 1965 -
Evelyn Follit Business CIO of Radio Shack, 1999-2005 c. 1948 -
James M. Follo Business CFO of New York Times 天天乐棋牌 c. 1959 -
Megan Follows Actor Anne of Green Gables 14-Mar-1968 -
Jim Folsom, Jr. Politician Governor of Alabama, 1993-95 14-May-1949 -
Marion B. Folsom Business HEW Secretary, 1955-58 23-Nov-1893 27-Sep-1976
Bridget Fonda Actor Single White Female 27-Jan-1964 -
Henry Fonda Actor 12 Angry Men 16-May-1905 12-Aug-1982
Jane Fonda Actor Prominent Vietnam War protester 21-Dec-1937 -
Peter Fonda Actor Easy Rider 23-Feb-1940 -
Benson Fong Actor Flower Drum Song 10-Oct-1916 01-Aug-1987
Hiram Fong Politician US Senator from Hawaii, 1959-77 15-Oct-1906 18-Aug-2004
Kam Fong Actor Chin Ho Kelly on Hawaii 5-O 27-May-1918 18-Oct-2002
Matt Fong Government Strategic Advisory Group 20-Nov-1953 01-Jun-2011
Deodoro da Fonseca Head of State First President of Brazil 05-Aug-1827 23-Aug-1892
Lyndsy Fonseca Actor Alex on Nikita 07-Jan-1987 -
Brigitte Fontaine Singer Comme à la radio 1940 -
Eddie Fontaine Singer Rock-a-billy singer and character actor 06-Mar-1927 13-Apr-1992
Frank Fontaine Actor Crazy Guggenheim 19-Apr-1920 04-Aug-1978
Joan Fontaine Actor Suspicion 22-Oct-1917 -
R. Richard Fontaine Business CEO of Gamestop c. 1942 -
Theodor Fontane Author Before the Storm 30-Dec-1819 20-Sep-1898
Lynn Fontanne Actor English-American stage actress 06-Dec-1887 30-Jul-1983
Bernard le Bovier de Fontenelle Author Nouveaux Dialogues des Morts 11-Feb-1657 09-Jan-1757
Margot Fonteyn Dancer Exceptional British ballerina 18-May-1919 21-Feb-1991
Michael Foot Politician Leader, House of Commons, 1976-79 23-Jul-1913 03-Mar-2010
Henry Stuart Foote Politician Governor of Mississippi 1852-54 20-Sep-1800 20-May-1880
Horton Foote Playwright To Kill a Mockingbird 14-Mar-1916 04-Mar-2009
Samuel Foote Actor Diversions 1720 21-Oct-1777
Samuel A. Foote Politician Governor of Connecticut, 1834-35 08-Nov-1780 15-Sep-1846
Shelby Foote Author Shiloh 17-Nov-1916 27-Jun-2005
William C. Foote Business CEO of USG c. 1951 -
Dick Foran Actor The Petrified Forest 18-Jun-1910 10-Aug-1979
June Foray Actor Voice of Rocky the Squirrel 18-Sep-1917 -
Bertie Forbes Business Forbes Magazine founder 14-May-1880 06-May-1954
Bryan Forbes Actor King Rat 22-Jul-1926 -
Edward Forbes Naturalist History of British Mollusca 12-Feb-1815 18-Nov-1854
George William Forbes Head of State Prime Minister of New Zealand, 1930-35 12-May-1869 17-May-1947
Kathryn Forbes Author Mama's Bank Account 20-Mar-1908 15-May-1966
Kristin J. Forbes Economist Council of Economic Advisers, 2003-05 21-Aug-1970 -
Malcolm Forbes Business Forbes publisher, Faberge collector 19-Aug-1919 24-Feb-1990
Mary Forbes Actor Character actress 30-Dec-1879 22-Jul-1974
Michael Forbes Politician Congressman from New York, 1995-2001 16-Jul-1952 -
Michelle Forbes Actor Dr. Julianna Cox on Homicide 08-Jan-1965 -
Ralph Forbes Actor The Hound of the Baskervilles 30-Sep-1896 31-Mar-1951
Randy Forbes Politician Congressman, Virginia 4th 17-Feb-1952 -
Steve Forbes Business Owner and publisher of Forbes magazine 18-Jul-1947 -
Walter A. Forbes Business Deposed CEO of Cendant c. 1943 -
Thomas King Forcade Journalist Founder of High Times 11-Sep-1945 17-Nov-1978
Ashley Force Auto Racing Funny car drag racer 29-Nov-1982 -
John Force Auto Racing Funny car drag racer 04-May-1949 -
Carolyn Forché Poet The Country Between Us 28-Apr-1950 -
Betty Ford First Lady Former First Lady, founded Betty Ford Center 08-Apr-1918 08-Jul-2011
Charles A. Ford Diplomat US Ambassador to Honduras c. 1950 -
Clementine Ford Actor The Young and the Restless 29-Jun-1979 -
Constance Ford Actor Ada Hobson on Another World 01-Jul-1923 26-Feb-1993
Danny Ford Football Clemson Head Coach, 1979-89 02-Apr-1948 -
Doug Ford Golf Winner of 2 Majors 08-Jun-1922 -
Edsel Ford Business President of Ford, 1919-43 06-Nov-1893 26-May-1943
Edsel B. Ford II Business VP, Ford Motors 27-Dec-1948 -
Faith Ford Actor Corky Sherwood on Murphy Brown 14-Sep-1964 -
Ford Madox Ford Novelist The Good Soldier 17-Dec-1873 26-Jun-1939
Gerald Ford Head of State 38th US President, 1974-77 14-Jul-1913 26-Dec-2006
Gerald J. Ford Business Golden State Bancorp 1945 -
Glenn Ford Actor Gilda, Blackboard Jungle 01-May-1916 30-Aug-2006
Harold Ford Politician Congressman from Tennessee, 1997-2007 11-May-1970 -
Harold Ford, Sr. Politician Congressman from Tennessee, 1975-97 20-May-1945 -
Harrison Ford Actor Han Solo in Star Wars 13-Jul-1942 -
Henry Ford Business Founder of Ford Motors 30-Jul-1863 07-Apr-1947
Henry Ford II Business Former President, CEO of Ford 04-Sep-1917 29-Sep-1987
Jerry L. Ford Business Comdisco Network 天天乐棋牌 c. 1941 -
Joe T. Ford Business CEO of Alltel, 1987-2002 c. 1937 -
John Ford Film Director How Green Was My Valley 01-Feb-1894 31-Aug-1973
John M. Ford Author Growing Up Weightless 10-Apr-1957 24-Sep-2006
Lita Ford Musician Band member The Runaways 23-Sep-1959 -
Luke Ford Journalist Journalist of the pornographic arts 28-May-1966 -
Mary Ford Singer Les Paul & Mary Ford 07-Jul-1924 30-Sep-1977
Melyssa Ford TV Personality BET personality 07-Nov-1976 -
Patricia Ford Model Playboy lingerie model 17-Mar-1969 -
Paul Ford Actor The Phil Silvers Show 02-Nov-1901 12-Apr-1976
Richard Ford Novelist Independence Day 16-Feb-1944 -
Robert Ford Criminal Shot and killed Jesse James 31-Jan-1862 08-Jun-1892
Robert S. Ford Diplomat US Ambassador to Algeria ? -
Ruth Ford Actor American stage actress 07-Jul-1915 12-Aug-2009
Scott T. Ford Business CEO of Alltel 1962 -
Steven Ford Relative Son of Gerald Ford 19-May-1956 -
Tennessee Ernie Ford Country Musician Sixteen Tons 13-Feb-1919 17-Oct-1991
Thomas Mikal Ford Actor Tommy Strawn on Martin 15-Jun-1962 -
Tom Ford Fashion Designer Influential Gucci designer 27-Aug-1961 -
Trent Ford Actor How to Deal 16-Jan-1979 -
W. Douglas Ford Business Former BP/Amoco executive c. 1944 -
Wallace Ford Actor A Patch of Blue 12-Feb-1898 11-Jun-1966
Wendell H. Ford Politician US Senator from Kentucky, 1974-99 08-Sep-1924 -
Whitey Ford Baseball Ten World Series wins 21-Oct-1928 -
Willa Ford Singer/Songwriter I Wanna Be Bad 22-Jan-1981 -
William Clay Ford, Sr. Business Ford exec and owner of the Detroit Lions 14-Mar-1925 -
William Clay Ford, Jr. Business CEO of Ford, 2001-06 03-May-1957 -
William D. Ford Politician Congressman from Michigan, 1965-95 06-Aug-1927 14-Aug-2004
William L. Ford Business Shawnee Milling 天天乐棋牌 c. 1942 -
Frank Forde Head of State Prime Minister of Australia, 1945 18-Jul-1890 28-Jan-1983
Kirk Fordice Politician Governor of Mississippi, 1992-2000 10-Feb-1934 07-Sep-2004
James H. Fordyce Business JH Whitney Capital Partners c. 1959 -
James W. Fordyce Business Chairman, Lasker Foundation c. 1943 -
Henrietta Holsman Fore Government Acting Administrator, USAID c. 1948 -
Ken Foree Actor Dawn of the Dead 29-Feb-1948 -
Deborah Foreman Actor Valley Girl 12-Oct-1962 -
George Foreman Boxing Champ knocks out the fat 10-Jan-1949 -
James J. Forese Business CEO of Ikon, 1998-2002 c. 1936 -
Lee De Forest Inventor Inventor of the Audion vacuum tube 26-Aug-1873 30-Jun-1961
C. S. Forester Novelist The African Queen 27-Aug-1899 02-Apr-1966
Sara Forestier Actor Games of Love and Chance 04-Oct-1986 -
Mickey Foret Business CFO of Northwest Airlines, 1998-2002 c. 1946 -
Noël Forgeard Business CEO of Airbus, 2004-06 08-Dec-1946 -
Claire Forlani Actor Boys and Girls 01-Jul-1972 -
Milos Forman Film Director One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest 18-Feb-1932 -
Peter R. Formanek Business President of Autozone, 1985-94 c. 1942 -
Pope Formosus Religion Roman Catholic Pope, 891-896 c. 816 AD 4-Apr-896 AD
Robert L. Fornaro Business CEO of AirTran Holdings c. 1952 -
Werner Fornos Activist The Population Institute 1933 -
Chet Forrest Songwriter Kismet 31-Jul-1915 10-Oct-1999
Edwin Forrest Actor 19th. c. American actor 09-Mar-1806 12-Dec-1872
Frederic Forrest Actor Apocalypse Now 23-Dec-1936 -
Nathan Bedford Forrest Military Confederate Cavalry General 13-Jul-1821 29-Oct-1877
Sally Forrest Actor While the City Sleeps 28-May-1928 -
Steve Forrest Actor S.W.A.T. 29-Sep-1924 -
James V. Forrestal Government US Secretary of Defense, 1947-49 15-Feb-1892 22-May-1949
Maureen Forrester Singer Contralto, interpreter of Mahler 25-Jul-1930 16-Jun-2010
Chuck Forsberg Computer Programmer Creator of ZMODEM c. 1944 -
Peter Forsberg Hockey Swedish NHL player 20-Jul-1973 -
Gary D. Forsee Business CEO of Sprint Nextel, 2005-07 1950 -
John H. Forsgren, Jr. Business CFO of Northeast Utilities, 1996-2004 c. 1945 -
Werner Forssmann Doctor Cardiac catheterization 29-Aug-1904 01-Jun-1979
E. M. Forster Author Howards End 01-Jan-1879 07-Jun-1970
John Forster Author Life of Charles Dickens 02-Apr-1812 02-Feb-1876
Marc Forster Film Director Quantum of Solace 27-Jan-1969 -
Robert Forster Actor Jackie Brown 13-Jul-1941 -
William Edward Forster Politician Chief Secretary for Ireland, 1880-82 11-Jul-1818 05-Apr-1886
Bill Forsyth Film Director Local Hero 29-Jul-1946 -
Bruce Forsyth TV Personality Sunday Night at the Palladium 22-Feb-1928 -
Frederick Forsyth Novelist The Day of the Jackal 25-Aug-1938 -
John Forsyth Politician US Secretary of State, 1834-41 22-Oct-1780 21-Oct-1841
John D. Forsyth Business Wellmark Blue Cross & Blue Shield c. 1947 -
Rosemary Forsyth Actor The War Lord 06-Jul-1943 -
John Forsythe Actor Blake Carrington on Dynasty 29-Jan-1918 01-Apr-2010
William Forsythe Actor Raising Arizona 07-Jun-1955 -
Charles Fort Scientist Prophet of the Unexplained 06-Aug-1874 03-May-1932
Randall M. Fort Government Asst. Secy. State for Intelligence 04-Jul-1956 -
Abe Fortas Judge US Supreme Court Justice, 1965-69 19-Jun-1910 05-Apr-1982
Will Forte Actor Saturday Night Live 17-Jun-1970 -
Jeff Fortenberry Politician Congressman, Nebraska 1st 27-Dec-1960 -
Larry Fortensky Relative Elizabeth Taylor's latest husband 17-Jan-1952 -
Richard Fortey Paleontologist Trilobites and graptolites 1946 -
Carl Forti Government Black Rock Group c. 1972 -
Dan Fortmann Football NFL Hall of Fame Guard 11-Apr-1916 23-May-1995
Wayne M. Fortun Business Hutchinson Technology c. 1949 -
Luis Fortuño Politician Governor of Puerto Rico 31-Oct-1960 -
Pim Fortuyn Government Assassinated Dutch parliamentary candidate 19-Feb-1948 06-May-2002
Walter Forward Politician US Secretary of the Treasury, 1841-43 24-Jan-1786 24-Nov-1852
Dick Fosbury Track and Field High jumper invented Fosbury Flop 06-Mar-1947 -
Ugo Foscolo Playwright The Last Letters of Jacopo Ortis 06-Feb-1778 10-Sep-1827
Raymond B. Fosdick Business President of the Rockefeller Foundation 09-Jun-1883 19-Jul-1972
Douglas L. Foshee Business CEO of El Paso c. 1959 -
Gail D. Fosler Economist President, The Conference Board c. 1948 -
Eric J. Foss Business CEO of Pepsi Bottling Group c. 1958 -
Joe Foss Military WWII ace, Governor of South Dakota 17-Apr-1915 01-Jan-2003
Lukas Foss Conductor Director, Buffalo Philharmonic, 1963-71 15-Aug-1922 01-Feb-2009
Wenche Foss Actor Pinchcliffe Grand Prix 05-Dec-1917 28-Mar-2011
Bob Fosse Choreographer Choreographer 23-Jun-1927 23-Sep-1987
Jon S. Fossel Business CEO of Oppenheimer Management, 1989-96 c. 1941 -
Vito Fossella Politician Congressman from New York, 1997-2009 09-Mar-1965 -
Steve Fossett Aviator First to cross Pacific in a balloon 22-Apr-1944 03-Sep-2007
Dian Fossey Anthropologist Gorillas in the Mist 16-Jan-1932 26-Dec-1985
Alan Dean Foster Novelist Author of many movie novelizations 18-Nov-1946 -
Ben Foster Actor The Door in the Floor 29-Oct-1980 -
Bill Foster Politician Congressman from Illinois, 2008-11 07-Oct-1955 -
Charles Foster Politician Ohio Governor, US Treasury Secretary 12-Apr-1828 09-Jan-1904
David Foster Songwriter Songwriter, has won 14 Grammys 01-Nov-1949 -
Dennis E. Foster Business Vice Chairman of Alltel, 1998-2000 c. 1940 -
Dianne Foster Actor The Last Hurrah 31-Oct-1928 -
Jodie Foster Actor The Silence of the Lambs 19-Nov-1962 -
John W. Foster Diplomat US Secretary of State, 1892-93 02-Mar-1836 15-Mar-1917
Jon Foster Actor Damien Cutler on Windfall 03-Aug-1984 -
Kent B. Foster Business CEO of Ingram Micro, 2000-05 1944 -
Lawrence Foster Conductor Principal Conductor, Gulbenkian Orchestra 23-Oct-1941 -
Meg Foster Actor B-movie starlet 10-May-1948 -
Murphy J. Foster Politician Governor and Senator from Louisiana 12-Jan-1849 12-Jun-1921
Murphy J. Foster, Jr. Politician Governor of Louisiana, 1996-2004 11-Jul-1930 -
Norman Foster Architect Architect of the Gherkin 01-Jun-1935 -
Norman Foster Film Director Journey Into Fear 13-Dec-1900 07-Jul-1976
Paul L. Foster Business CEO of Western Refining c. 1950 -
Preston Foster Actor My Friend Flicka 24-Aug-1900 14-Jul-1970
Sara Foster Model The Big Bounce 02-Aug-1981 -
Stephen Clark Foster Politician Thrice Mayor of Los Angeles 1820 28-Jan-1898
Stephen Collins Foster Songwriter My Old Kentucky 天天乐棋牌 04-Jul-1826 13-Jan-1864
Sutton Foster Actor Thoroughly Modern Millie 18-Mar-1975 -
Vince Foster Attorney Deputy White House Counsel for Clinton 15-Jan-1945 20-Jul-1993
Charles T. Fote Business CEO of First Data, 2002-05 1949 -
George L. Fotiades Business COO of Cardinal Health, 2004-06 c. 1952 -
Léon Foucault Physicist Measured the speed of light 19-Sep-1819 11-Feb-1868
Michel Foucault Philosopher History of Sexuality 15-Oct-1926 26-Jun-1984
Jon Foulds Business Chairman of Huntsworth plc c. 1932 -
Llyn Foulkes Painter Assemblage artist 1935 -
W. Frank Fountain Business Senior VP at Chrysler 17-Jul-1944 -
Antoine François Fourcroy Chemist French adherent to Lavoisier 15-Jun-1755 16-Dec-1809
Charles Fourier Philosopher Socialist Utopian 07-Apr-1772 10-Oct-1837
Jean Baptiste Joseph Fourier Mathematician Fourier series 21-Mar-1768 16-May-1830
Pierre Fournier Cellist French cello virtuoso 24-Jun-1906 08-Jan-1986
Randy A. Foutch Business CEO of Laredo Petroleum c. 1951 -
Dan Fouts Football San Diego Chargers QB 10-Jun-1951 -
Alfred Fowler Astronomer Celestial spectroscopy 22-Mar-1868 24-Jun-1940
Donald Fowler Government DNC chairman, 1995-97 12-Sep-1935 -
Fred J. Fowler Business CEO of Spectra Energy, 2007-08 c. 1945 -
Harry Fowler Actor Cpl. Hoskins on The Army Game 10-Dec-1926 04-Jan-2012
Henry H. Fowler Government US Secretary of the Treasury, 1965-68 05-Sep-1908 03-Jan-2000
Jim Fowler Naturalist Did all the work on Wild Kingdom 09-Apr-1932 -
Martin Fowler Computer Programmer Manifesto For Agile Software Development ? -
Norman Fowler Politician Former MP, now Baron Fowler 02-Feb-1938 -
Peter Fowler Physicist Cosmic radiation 27-Feb-1923 08-Nov-1996
Robbie Fowler Soccer Liverpool FC 09-Apr-1975 -
Tillie Fowler Politician Congresswoman from Florida 23-Dec-1942 02-Mar-2005
W. Randall Fowler Business CFO of Enterprise Products c. 1957 -
William A. Fowler Astronomer Element generation within stars 09-Aug-1911 14-Mar-1995
Wyche Fowler, Jr. Politician US Ambassador to Saudi Arabia, 1996-2001 06-Oct-1940 -
John Fowles Novelist The French Lieutenant's Woman 31-Mar-1926 05-Nov-2005
Douglas Fowley Actor Doc Holliday on TV's Wyatt Earp 30-May-1911 21-May-1998
Bernard Fox Actor Dr. Bombay on Bewitched 11-May-1927 -
Charles James Fox Politician U.K.'s first Foreign Secretary 24-Jan-1749 13-Sep-1806
Crystal Fox Actor In the Heat of the Night ? -
David W. Fox Business CEO of Northern Trust, 1990-95 c. 1931 -
Edward Fox Actor Force 10 from Navarone 13-Apr-1937 -
Emilia Fox Actor Nikki Alexander on Silent Witness 31-Jul-1974 -
Henry Richard Vassall Fox Politician 3rd Baron Holland 21-Nov-1773 22-Oct-1840
James Fox Actor A Passage to India 19-May-1939 -
John Fox Football Head Coach, Denver Broncos 08-Feb-1955 -
Jon D. Fox Politician Congressman from Pennsylvania, 1995-99 22-Apr-1947 -
Jorja Fox Actor Sara Sidle on CSI 07-Jul-1968 -
Justin Fox Author The Myth of the Rational Market 28-Jan-1964 -
Kerry Fox Actor An Angel at My Table 30-Jul-1966 -
Laurence Fox Actor DS Hathaway on Inspector Lewis 1978 -
Liam Fox Politician UK Conservative Party Co-Chair 22-Sep-1961 -
Marye Anne Fox Educator Chancellor, UC San Diego 09-Dec-1947 -
Matthew Fox Actor Jack on Lost 14-Jul-1966 -
Matthew Fox Religion Creation Spirituality 21-Dec-1940 -
Megan Fox Actor Sydney Shanowski on Hope and Faith 16-May-1986 -
Michael J. Fox Actor Back to the Future 09-Jun-1961 -
Nellie Fox Baseball MLB Hall of Famer 25-Dec-1927 01-Dec-1975
Richard K. Fox Diplomat US Ambassador to Trinidad, 1977-79 22-Oct-1925 -
Rick Fox Basketball Former Los Angeles Laker 24-Jul-1969 -
Sam Fox Business US Ambassador to Belgium 09-May-1929 -
Samantha Fox Pornstar Pornstar cum mediocre singer 03-Dec-1951 -
Vicente Fox Head of State President of Mexico, 2000-06 02-Jul-1942 -
Virgil Fox Organist Organist at the Riverside Church 03-May-1912 25-Oct-1980
Vivica Fox Actor Booty Call 30-Jul-1964 -
William Fox Film/TV Producer Founder of 20th Century Fox 01-Jan-1879 08-May-1952
John Foxe Religion Foxe's Book of Martyrs 1516 18-Apr-1587
Jaimee Foxworth Actor Family Matters 17-Dec-1979 -
Robert Foxworth Actor Chase Gioberti on Falcon Crest 01-Nov-1941 -
Jeff Foxworthy Comic Just might be a redneck 06-Sep-1958 -
Jamie Foxx Comic Ray 13-Dec-1967 -
Jimmie Foxx Baseball Seven-time All Star, 534 天天乐棋牌 runs 22-Oct-1907 21-Jul-1967
Redd Foxx Comic Foul-mouthed comedian, Sanford and Son 09-Dec-1922 11-Oct-1991
Virginia Foxx Politician Congresswoman, North Carolina 5th 29-Jun-1943 -
Eddie Foy Singer The Seven Little Foys 09-Mar-1856 16-Feb-1928
Eddie Foy, Jr. Actor The Pajama Game 04-Feb-1905 15-Jul-1983
A. J. Foyt Auto Racing Four-time winner of Indy 500 16-Jan-1935 -
Russell J. Frackman Attorney RIAA, MPAA Attorney c. 1945 -
Mikhail Fradkov Head of State Prime Minister of Russia, 2004-07 01-Sep-1950 -
Marshall Frady Journalist Wallace 11-Jan-1940 09-Mar-2004
Jean-Honoré Fragonard Painter The Swing 05-Apr-1732 22-Aug-1806
Sheila Frahm Politician US Senator from Kansas, 1996 22-Mar-1945 -
James Frain Actor Sunshine 14-Mar-1968 -
Nikolai Fraiture Bassist Bassist for The Strokes 13-Nov-1978 -
Michael D. Fraizer Business CEO of Genworth Financial c. 1958 -
Ford M. Fraker Business US Ambassador to Saudi Arabia c. 1949 -
Jonathan Frakes Actor Commander Riker on Star Trek: TNG 19-Aug-1952 -
Janet Frame Author Kiwi author, subject of An Angel at My Table 28-Aug-1924 29-Jan-2004
Peter Frampton Musician Do You Feel Like We Do 22-Apr-1950 -
Michael G. Franc Government Heritage Foundation c. 1957 -
Anatole France Novelist French novelist 16-Apr-1844 13-Oct-1924
Bill France, Jr. Auto Racing CEO of NASCAR, 1972-2003 04-Apr-1933 04-Jun-2007
Brian France Auto Racing Chairman and CEO of NASCAR 02-Aug-1962 -
Victor Francen Actor Confidential Agent 05-Aug-1888 18-Nov-1977
Zino Francescatti Violinist French violin virtuoso 09-Aug-1902 17-Sep-1991
Louise L. Francesconi Business Raytheon Missile Systems c. 1954 -
Dennis Franchione Football Texas A&M Head Coach, 2003-07 28-Mar-1951 -
Dario Franchitti Auto Racing Two-time Indianapolis 500 winner 10-May-1973 -
Anne Francine Actor Stage actress, Vera Charles in MAME 08-Aug-1917 03-Dec-1999
Tony Franciosa Actor A Face in the Crowd 25-Oct-1928 19-Jan-2006
St. Francis de Sales Religion Order of the Visitation of Holy Mary 21-Aug-1567 28-Dec-1622
Francis I Royalty King of France 1515-47 12-Sep-1494 31-Jul-1547
Francis II Royalty King of France 1559-60 19-Jan-1544 05-Dec-1560
St. Francis of Assisi Religion Founder of the Franciscan order 1181 03-Oct-1226
Anne Francis Actor Forbidden Planet 16-Sep-1930 02-Jan-2011
Arlene Francis Actor What's My Line? 20-Oct-1907 31-May-2001
Connie Francis Singer Where the Boys Are 12-Dec-1938 -
Dick Francis Novelist Dead Cert 31-Oct-1920 14-Feb-2010
Freddie Francis Film Director Dracula Has Risen from the Grave 22-Dec-1917 17-Mar-2007
Genie Francis Actor Laura Spencer on General Hospital 26-May-1962 -
Kay Francis Actor Trouble in Paradise 13-Jan-1905 26-Aug-1968
L. Frederick Francis Business Chairman, Bank of the West El Paso c. 1954 -
Peter T. Francis Business J. M. Huber Corporation c. 1953 -
Philip L. Francis Business CEO of PetSmart c. 1946 -
Robert Francis Actor The Caine Mutiny 26-Feb-1930 31-Jul-1955
Sam Francis Painter Abstract expressionist 25-Jun-1923 04-Nov-1994
wiL Francis Singer Lead singer of Aiden 08-Jan-1982 -
Joseph S. Francisco Chemist Atmospheric chemist 1955 -
James Franciscus Actor Mr. Novak 31-Jan-1934 08-Jul-1991
César Franck Composer Symphonic Variations 10-Dec-1822 08-Nov-1890
James Franck Physicist Franck-Hertz experiment 26-Aug-1882 21-May-1964
Sebastian Franck Religion German freethinker c. 1499 c. 1542
Don Francks Actor Walter on La Femme Nikita 28-Feb-1932 -
Dave Franco Actor Cole Aaronson on Scrubs 12-Jun-1985 -
Francisco Franco Head of State Spanish Generalissimo, 1939-75 04-Dec-1892 20-Nov-1975
James Franco Actor Freaks and Geeks 19-Apr-1978 -
Jesus Franco Film Director Vampyros Lesbos 12-May-1930 -
Déborah François Actor L'enfant 24-May-1987 -
Terry Francona Baseball Former manager, Boston Red Sox 22-Apr-1959 -
Anne Frank Victim The Diary of Anne Frank 12-Jun-1929 Mar-1945
Barney Frank Politician Congressman, Massachusetts 4th 31-Mar-1940 -
Bruno Frank Playwright Storm in a Teacup 13-Jun-1878 20-Jun-1945
Hans Frank Military Nazi King of Poland 23-May-1900 16-Oct-1946
Ilya M. Frank Physicist Cherenkov radiation 23-Oct-1908 22-Jun-1990
Jason David Frank Actor Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers 04-Sep-1973 -
Lawrence Frank Basketball Head Coach, Detroit Pistons 23-Aug-1970 -
Leo Frank Victim Innocent man, lynched by mob 17-Apr-1884 17-Aug-1915
Melvin Frank Screenwriter A Touch of Class 13-Aug-1913 13-Oct-1988
Milton Frank Diplomat US Ambassador to Nepal, 1988-89 18-Nov-1919 13-Jan-1993
Otto Frank Relative Father of Anne Frank 12-May-1889 19-Aug-1980
Ralph Frank Diplomat US Ambassador to Croatia, 2003-06 ? -
Stephen E. Frank Business CEO of Southern California Edison, 1995-2002 c. 1942 -
Thomas Frank Author Founding editor, The Baffler 21-Mar-1965 -
Waldo Frank Author American cultural critic and social historian 25-Aug-1889 09-Jan-1967
Walter N. Frank Business Chairman of the NYSE, 1965-67 22-Apr-1908 15-Feb-2000
Ze Frank Blogger The Show with Ze Frank 31-Mar-1972 -
Garance Franke-Ruta Columnist Senior Editor, The American Prospect c. 1975 -
David Frankel Film Director The Devil Wears Prada 02-Apr-1959 -
Jeffrey A. Frankel Economist Council of Economic Advisers, 1997-99 05-Nov-1952 -
Al Franken Politician US Senator from Minnesota 21-May-1951 -
Steve Franken Actor Chatsworth Osborne, Jr. on Dobie Gillis 27-May-1932 -
Robert J. Frankenberg Business CEO of Novell, 1994-96 c. 1947 -
John Frankenheimer Film Director Seven Days in May 19-Feb-1930 06-Jul-2002
Helen Frankenthaler Painter Mountains and Sea 12-Dec-1928 27-Dec-2011
Felix Frankfurter Judge US Supreme Court Justice, 1939-62 15-Nov-1882 22-Feb-1965
Aretha Franklin Singer R-E-S-P-E-C-T 25-Mar-1942 -
Barbara Hackman Franklin Government US Secretary of Commerce, 1992-93 19-Mar-1940 -
Benjamin Franklin Diplomat American founding father 17-Jan-1706 17-Apr-1790
Bonnie Franklin Actor Ann Romano on One Day at a Time 06-Jan-1944 -
Carl Franklin Film Director Out of Time 11-Apr-1949 -
Don Franklin Actor Cmdr. Jonathan Ford on Seaquest DSV 14-Dec-1960 -
Joe Franklin Talk Show Host Pioneer talk show host 09-Mar-1926 -
John Hope Franklin Historian From Slavery to Freedom 02-Jan-1915 25-Mar-2009
Kirk Franklin Singer The Nu Nation Project 26-Jan-1970 -
Martin E. Franklin Business CEO of Jarden 31-Oct-1964 -
Melvin Franklin Singer Bass vocals for The Temptations 12-Oct-1942 23-Feb-1995
Missy Franklin Swimmer Olympic swimmer 10-May-1995 -
Pamela Franklin Actor The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie 03-Feb-1950 -
Rosalind Franklin Chemist Photographed DNA's structure 25-Jul-1920 16-Apr-1958
Shirley Franklin Politician Mayor of Atlanta, 2002-10 10-May-1945 -
Sidney Franklin Film Director The Good Earth 21-Mar-1893 18-May-1972
Bob Franks Politician Congressman from New Jersey, 1993-2001 21-Sep-1951 09-Apr-2010
Frederick M. Franks, Jr. Military Retired US Army General c. 1935 -
Gary Franks Politician Congressman from Connecticut, 1991-97 09-Feb-1953 -
Tommy Franks Military Former C-in-C, US Central Command 17-Jun-1945 -
Trent Franks Politician Congressman, Arizona 2nd 19-Jun-1957 -
Bob Frankston Computer Programmer Programmer of Visicalc 14-Jun-1949 -
Mary Frann Actor Joanna Loudon on Newhart 27-Feb-1943 23-Sep-1998
Michael Franti Musician Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy 21-Apr-1967 -
Adrienne Frantz Actor The Bold and the Beautiful 07-Jun-1978 -
Chris Frantz Drummer Drummer for Talking Heads 08-May-1951 -
Gene J. Frantz Business Partner, Texas Pacific Group c. 1967 -
Arthur Franz Actor The Sniper 29-Feb-1920 17-Jun-2006
Dennis Franz Actor Det. Sipowicz on NYPD Blue 28-Oct-1944 -
Eduard Franz Actor The Four Skulls of Jonathan Drake 31-Oct-1902 10-Feb-1983
Jonathan Franzen Author The Corrections 17-Aug-1959 -
Daniel Franzese Actor Kill Theory 09-May-1978 -
Richard D. Frasch Business Senior VP at Cargill c. 1954 -
Andy Fraser Bassist Free 07-Aug-1952 -
Bill Fraser Actor Claude Snudge 05-Jun-1908 05-Sep-1987
Brendan Fraser Actor The Mummy 03-Dec-1968 -
Dawn Fraser Swimmer Olympic gold medal swimmer 04-Sep-1937 -
Dod A. Fraser Business Sackett Partners c. 1950 -
Donald M. Fraser Politician Mayor of Minneapolis, 1980-93 20-Feb-1924 -
Elizabeth Fraser Singer Vocalist for Cocteau Twins 29-Aug-1963 -
Laura Fraser Actor Virtual Sexuality 24-Jul-1976 -
Mad Frankie Fraser Criminal Notorious British bank robber 13-Dec-1923 -
Malcolm Fraser Politician Prime Minister of Australia, 1975-83 21-May-1930 -
Peter Fraser Head of State Prime Minister of New Zealand, 1940-49 28-Aug-1884 05-Aug-1950
Phyllis Fraser Socialite Wife of Bennett Cerf 22-Jun-1911 24-Nov-2006
T. R. Fraser Scientist Made poison and venom into medicine 05-Feb-1841 04-Jan-1920
Claire M. Fraser-Liggett Biologist Genomic researcher c. 1955 -
Mike Fratello Basketball NBA Coach, commentator 24-Feb-1947 -
Tony Fratto Government Deputy White House Press Secretary c. 1966 -
Mark Frauenfelder Blogger Boing Boing, Make magazine ? -
William Frawley Actor Fred on I Love Lucy 26-Feb-1887 03-Mar-1966
Sir James Frazer Anthropologist The Golden Bough 01-Jan-1854 07-May-1941
Jendayi E. Frazer Diplomat US Asst. Secy. of State for Africa, 2005-09 ? -
Frank Frazetta Painter Painted Conan paperback covers 09-Feb-1928 10-May-2010
A. D. Frazier, Jr. Business CEO of Danka Business Systems c. 1944 -
E. Franklin Frazier Sociologist Black Bourgeoisie 24-Sep-1894 17-May-1962
Joe Frazier Boxing Smokin' Joe 12-Jan-1944 07-Nov-2011
Kenneth C. Frazier Business President of Merck & Co. 1954 -
Lynn J. Frazier Politician Governor and Senator from North Dakota 21-Dec-1874 11-Jan-1947
Walt Frazier Basketball New York Knicks hall of famer 29-Mar-1945 -
J. Allen Frear Politician US Senator from Delaware, 1949-61 07-Mar-1903 15-Jan-1993
Stephen Frears Film Director My Beautiful Laundrette 20-Jun-1941 -
Frank Kelly Freas Artist Illustrator of science fiction and fantasy 22-Aug-1922 02-Jan-2005
Stan Freberg Comic Radio's The Stan Freberg Show 07-Aug-1926 -
Maurice Fréchet Mathematician Fréchet differential 02-Sep-1878 04-Jun-1973
Leslie M. Frécon Business LFE Capital, LLC c. 1953 -
Riccardo Freda Film Director I Vampiri 24-Feb-1909 20-Dec-1999
David Freddoso Journalist National Review Online c. 1976 -
King Frederick I Royalty King of Germany, Barbarossa c. 1122 10-Jun-1190
Frederick IX Royalty King of Denmark, 1947-72 11-Mar-1899 14-Jan-1972
Frederick the Great Royalty King of Prussia 1740-86 24-Jan-1712 17-Aug-1786
Frederick VIII Royalty King of Denmark, 1906-12 03-Jun-1843 14-May-1912
Lynne Frederick Actor The Prisoner of Zenda 25-Jul-1954 27-Apr-1994
Pauline Frederick Actor This Modern Age 12-Aug-1883 19-Sep-1938
Pauline Frederick Journalist ABC and NBC reporter 13-Feb-1906 09-May-1990
W. D. Frederick, Jr. Business Mayor of Orlando, 1980-92 06-Jul-1934 -
J. Richard Fredericks Business US Ambassador to Switzerland, 1999-2001 1945 -
Prince Frederik Royalty Heir to the throne of Denmark 26-May-1968 -
Lars Frederiksen Musician Rancid and The Bastards 23-May-1969 -
Alan Freed Disc Jockey Legendary rock-and-roll DJ 15-Dec-1922 20-Jan-1965
Arthur Freed Film/TV Producer MGM producer, big budget musicals 09-Sep-1894 12-Apr-1973
Bert Freed Actor Rufe Ryker on Shane 03-Nov-1919 02-Aug-1994
Daniel J. Freed Educator Yale Law professor 12-May-1927 17-Jan-2010
A. Stone Freedberg Doctor Found H. Pylori near stomach ulcers 30-May-1908 25-Aug-2009
Allen R. Freedman Business CEO of Assurant, 1979-2000 c. 1940 -
Eugene M. Freedman Business Coopers & Lybrand c. 1932 -
Louis Freeh Government FBI Director, 1993-2001 06-Jan-1950 -
Al Freeman, Jr. Actor Malcolm X 21-Mar-1934 10-Aug-2012
Bradford M. Freeman Business Freeman Spogli & Co. 1942 -
Cassidy Freeman Actor Tess Mercer on Smallville 22-Apr-1982 -
Cathy Freeman Track and Field Olympic 400m gold medalist 16-Feb-1973 -
Charles E. Freeman Judge Justice, Illinois Supreme Court 12-Dec-1933 -
Charles W. Freeman, Jr. Diplomat US Ambassador to Saudi Arabia, 1989-92 1943 -
Howard Freeman Actor Theatre and character actor 09-Dec-1899 11-Dec-1967
James I. Freeman Business CFO of Dillard's c. 1949 -
Jennifer Freeman Actor My Wife and Kids 20-Oct-1985 -
Joan Freeman Actor Panic in Year Zero! 08-Jan-1942 -
John R. Freeman Engineer Charles River Dam 27-Jul-1855 06-Oct-1932
Kathleen Freeman Actor Gen. Burkhalter's sister 17-Feb-1919 23-Aug-2001
Martin Freeman Actor Tim on The Office 08-Sep-1971 -
Mona Freeman Actor Streets of Laredo 09-Jun-1926 -
Morgan Freeman Actor Unforgiven 01-Jun-1937 -
Orville L. Freeman Politician Governor of Minnesota, 1955-61 09-May-1918 20-Feb-2003
Paul Freeman Actor Raiders of the Lost Ark 18-Jan-1943 -
Richard Freeman Economist Labor economist 29-Jun-1943 -
Russell Freeman Diplomat US Ambassador to Belize, 2001-05 25-Oct-1939 -
William M. Freeman Business CEO of Arbinet-thexchange, 2004-05 c. 1952 -
Paul Frees Actor The Man of a Thousand Voices 22-Jun-1920 02-Nov-1986
Josh Freese Drummer Session drummer 25-Dec-1972 -
Robin Freestone Business CFO of Pearson c. 1959 -
Gottlob Frege Mathematician Mathematical logician 08-Nov-1848 26-Jul-1925
Hugo Fregonese Film Director Old Shatterhand 08-Apr-1908 17-Jan-1987
Jim Fregosi Baseball Former MLB Manager 04-Apr-1942 -
Ace Frehley Guitarist Lead guitarist, KISS 27-Apr-1951 -
Eduardo Frei Head of State President of Chile, 1994-2000 24-Jun-1942 -
Steven J. Freiberg Business Global Consumer Group, Citigroup c. 1957 -
Cyrus F. Freidheim Business CEO of Sun Times Media Group, 2006-09 c. 1936 -
John Freind Doctor The History of Physic 1675 26-Jul-1728
J. P. Freire Journalist Managing Editor, The American Spectator c. 1982 -
Roland Freisler Government Headed the Reich Ministry of Justice 30-Oct-1893 03-Feb-1945
Friz Freleng Cartoonist The Pink Panther 21-Aug-1906 26-May-1995
Frederick T. Frelinghuysen Government US Secretary of State, 1881-85 04-Aug-1817 20-May-1885
Peter Frelinghuysen, Jr. Politician Congressman from New Jersey, 1953-75 17-Jan-1916 23-May-2011
Rodney Frelinghuysen Politician Congressman, New Jersey 11th 29-Apr-1946 -
Jessie Fremont Relative Wife of John C. Fremont 31-May-1824 27-Dec-1902
John C. Fremont Explorer Conqueror of California 21-Jan-1813 13-Jul-1890
Edmond Frémy Chemist Discovered hydrogen fluoride 28-Feb-1814 03-Feb-1894
Daniel Chester French Sculptor Lincoln Memorial 20-Apr-1850 07-Oct-1931
Dawn French Comic French and Saunders 11-Oct-1957 -
Marilyn French Author The Women's Room 21-Nov-1929 02-May-2009
R. T. French Business Yellow mustard 15-Nov-1828 17-Jun-1893
Victor French Actor Highway to Heaven 04-Dec-1934 15-Jun-1989
William E. Frenzel Politician Congressman from Minnesota, 1971-91 31-Jul-1928 -
Girolamo Frescobaldi Composer Italian organist and composer 1583 01-Mar-1643
Carl Remigius Fresenius Chemist Anleitung zur qualitativen chemischen Analyse 28-Dec-1818 11-Jun-1897
Doug E. Fresh Rapper Rap artist 17-Sep-1966 -
Mannie Fresh Disc Jockey DJ, hip hop artist, producer 20-Mar-1969 -
Augustin-Jean Fresnel Physicist Optician, invented Fresnel lens 10-May-1788 14-Jul-1827
Anna Freud Relative Daughter of Sigmund Freud 03-Dec-1895 09-Oct-1982
Sigmund Freud Psychiatrist Die Traumdeutung 06-May-1856 23-Sep-1939
Dave Freudenthal Politician Governor of Wyoming, 2003-11 12-Oct-1950 -
Bart Freundlich Film Director The Myth of Fingerprints 17-Jan-1970 -
Matt Frewer Actor Max Headroom 04-Jan-1958 -
Amber Frey Relative Ex-Mistress of Scott Peterson 10-Feb-1975 -
Glenn Frey Musician Lead vocals and guitar, Eagles 06-Nov-1948 -
James Frey Author Addiction memoirist, A Million Little Pieces 12-Sep-1969 -
Leonard Frey Actor Stage actor, The Boys in the Band 04-Sep-1938 24-Aug-1988
Paul J. Fribourg Business CEO of ContiGroup 1954 -
Henry Clay Frick Business Robber baron, Johnstown flood 19-Dec-1849 02-Dec-1919
Wilhelm Frick Government Authored the Nuremberg Laws 12-Mar-1877 16-Oct-1946
Brenda Fricker Actor My Left Foot 17-Feb-1945 -
William P. Fricks Business CEO of Newport News Shipbuilding, 1995-2001 c. 1944 -
Jonathan Frid Actor Dark Shadows 02-Dec-1924 14-Apr-2012
Albert Fried, Jr. Business Albert Fried & 天天乐棋牌 c. 1930 -
Alfred Fried Activist Peace activist, Nobel Prize recipient 11-Nov-1864 05-May-1921
Charles Fried Government US Solicitor General, 1985-89 15-Apr-1935 -
Daniel Fried Diplomat US Asst. Secy. of State for European Affairs 1952 -
Betty Friedan Activist Rights for women spokesperson 04-Feb-1921 04-Feb-2006
Aaron L. Friedberg Government In the Shadow of the Garrison State 16-Apr-1956 -
John R. Friedery Business VP at Ball Corporation c. 1956 -
Ralph Friedgen Football Maryland Terrapins Head Coach 04-Apr-1947 -
Hugo Friedhofer Composer The Best Years of Our Lives 03-May-1901 17-May-1981
William Friedkin Film Director The Exorcist 29-Aug-1935 -
Judah Friedlander Comic Baseball-capped comedian, 30 Rock 16-Mar-1969 -
Saul Friedländer Historian Holocaust historian 11-Oct-1932 -
Will Friedle Actor Eric Matthews on Boy Meets World 11-Aug-1976 -
Drew Friedman Cartoonist Celebrity pointillist 21-Sep-1958 -
Elizebeth Friedman Scientist America's first female cryptanalyst 26-Aug-1892 31-Oct-1980
Jerome I. Friedman Physicist Verified existence of quarks 28-Mar-1930 -
Kinky Friedman Musician Texas Jewboy 31-Oct-1944 -
Michael A. Friedman Doctor Oncologist, City of Hope c. 1944 -
Milton Friedman Economist 1976 Nobel Prize for Economics 31-Jul-1912 16-Nov-2006
Paul A. Friedman Business CEO of Incyte c. 1942 -
Robert L. Friedman Business Managing Partner, Blackstone Group c. 1942 -
Stephen Friedman Business Former Partner, Goldman Sachs 21-Dec-1937 -
Thomas Friedman Journalist New York Times 20-Jul-1953 -
Tully M. Friedman Business Hellman & Friedman c. 1941 -
William Friedman Scientist Cryptography pioneer 24-Sep-1891 12-Nov-1969
Caspar David Friedrich Painter German Romantic painter 05-Sep-1774 07-May-1840
Anna Friel Actor Timeline 12-Jul-1976 -
Brian Friel Playwright Dancing at Lughnasa 09-Jan-1929 -
Robert F. Friel Business Vice Chairman of PerkinElmer c. 1956 -
Colin Friels Actor Det. Holloway on Water Rats 25-Sep-1952 -
Rupert Friend Actor Pride & Prejudice 01-Oct-1981 -
Fred Friendly Journalist President of CBS News, 1964-66 30-Oct-1915 03-Mar-1998
Daniel K. Frierson Business CEO of The Dixie Group 1942 -
William L. Frierson Government US Solicitor General, 1920-21 03-Sep-1868 25-May-1953
Michael T. Fries Business CEO of Liberty Global 06-Feb-1963 -
Foster Friess Business Friess Associates 02-Apr-1940 -
Henry F. Frigon Business CEO of CARSTAR, Inc., 1998-2001 c. 1936 -
Rudolf Friml Composer The Vagabond King 07-Dec-1884 12-Nov-1972
Robert Fripp Guitarist King Crimson 16-May-1946 -
Dan Frisa Politician Congressman from New York, 1995-97 27-Apr-1955 -
Frankie Frisch Baseball 2880 hits with .316 batting average 09-Sep-1898 12-Mar-1973
Karl von Frisch Zoologist Researched bee communications 20-Nov-1886 12-Jun-1982
Max Frisch Novelist Homo Faber 15-May-1911 04-Apr-1991
Otto Robert Frisch Physicist Described fission 01-Oct-1904 22-Sep-1979
Ragnar Frisch Economist Econometrics pioneer 03-Mar-1895 31-Jan-1973
Justine Frischmann Guitarist Guitarist, Elastica 16-Sep-1969 -
Bill Frisell Jazz Musician Jazz guitarist 18-Mar-1951 -
Mark P. Frissora Business CEO of The Hertz Corporation c. 1956 -
Bill Frist Politician US Senate Majority Leader, 2003-07 22-Feb-1952 -
Patricia C. Frist Business Frist Capital Partners c. 1940 -
Thomas Frist, Jr. Business Co-Founder of HCA c. 1939 -
Thomas F. Frist III Business Frist Capital Partners c. 1968 -
Fred Frith Guitarist Avant garde rock guitarist 02-Feb-1949 -
Nikki Fritz Actor The Bare Wench Project 13-Mar-1978 -
Edward V. Fritzky Business CEO of Immunex, 1994-2002 c. 1951 -
Josef Fritzl Criminal Kept daughter in basement for 24 years 09-Apr-1935 -
Hans Fritzsche Government Reich minister of radio propaganda 21-Apr-1900 27-Sep-1953
Harold V. Froehlich Politician Congressman from Wisconsin, 1973-75 12-May-1932 -
David B. Frohnmayer Politician President, University of Oregon 09-Jul-1940 -
Al From Activist Founder, Democratic Leadership Council 31-May-1943 -
Jane Froman Singer The Jane Froman Show 10-Nov-1907 22-Apr-1980
Barry A. Fromberg Business CFO of Dean Foods, 1998-2006 c. 1955 -
Erich Fromm Psychologist Psychoanalyst, Humanist 23-Mar-1900 18-Mar-1980
Squeaky Fromme Assassin Attempted to assassinate Gerald Ford 22-Oct-1948 -
Arturo Frondizi Head of State President of Argentina, 1958-62 28-Oct-1908 18-Apr-1995
MC Frontalot Musician Coined the term Nerdcore 03-Dec-1973 -
Dan Froomkin Columnist Huffington Post writer and media critic c. 1963 -
David Frost Journalist BBC's Breakfast with Frost 07-Apr-1939 -
Jo Frost TV Personality Supernanny 27-Jun-1970 -
Lindsay Frost Actor Monolith 04-Jun-1962 -
Martin Frost Politician Congressman from Texas, 1979-2005 01-Jan-1942 -
Nick Frost Actor Shaun of the Dead 28-Mar-1972 -
Phillip Frost Business Founder of IVAX Corporation c. 1935 -
Richard W. Frost Business CEO of Louisiana Pacific c. 1951 -
Robert Frost Poet Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening 26-Mar-1874 29-Jan-1963
Sadie Frost Actor Dracula 19-Jun-1965 -
Catherine Frot Actor Chaos 01-May-1956 -
Charles B. Fruit Business Chief Marketing Officer at Coca-Cola, 2004-06 c. 1947 27-May-2008
David Frum Pundit Coined "Axis of Evil" 30-Jun-1960 -
Alan S. Frumin Government US Senate Parliamentarian 26-Dec-1946 -
John Frusciante Guitarist Guitarist for the Red Hot Chili Peppers 05-Mar-1970 -
Nicanor Duarte Frutos Head of State President of Paraguay, 2003-08 11-Oct-1956 -
Art Fry Chemist Post-It notes 19-Aug-1931 -
Christopher Fry Playwright The Lady's Not for Burning 18-Dec-1907 30-Jun-2005
David E. Fry Business President of Northwood University, 1982-2006 c. 1942 -
Hayden Fry Football University of Iowa coach 18-Feb-1929 -
John A. Fry Business President, Franklin and Marshall College c. 1960 -
Martin Fry Musician Singer for ABC 09-Mar-1958 -
Stephen Fry Actor Jeeves and Wooster 24-Aug-1957 -
Dwight Frye Actor Renfield in 1931 Dracula 22-Feb-1899 07-Nov-1943
Northrop Frye Author Fearful Symmetry 14-Jul-1912 23-Jan-1991
Soleil Moon Frye Actor Punky Brewster 06-Aug-1976 -
Tod Frye Computer Programmer Ported Pac-Man to the Atari 2600 c. 1955 -
Nils Frykdahl Musician Sleepytime Gorilla Museum and Idiot Flesh ? -
Anne Sutherland Fuchs Publisher Former publisher of Woman's Day c. 1948 -
Ira H. Fuchs Administrator Founder of BITNET ? -
Jerry Fuchs Drummer Maserati, !!! c. 1974 08-Nov-2009
Klaus Fuchs Spy Manhattan Project scientist, spy for USSR 29-Dec-1911 28-Jan-1988
Alan Fudge Actor C. W. Crawford on The Man from Atlantis 27-Feb-1934 10-Oct-2011
Ann M. Fudge Business CEO of Young & Rubicam, 2003-07 23-Apr-1951 -
David I. Fuente Business CEO of Office Depot, 1986-2000 c. 1945 -
Carlos Fuentes Novelist La muerte de Artemio Cruz 11-Nov-1928 15-May-2012
Daisy Fuentes Model America's Funniest 天天乐棋牌 Videos 17-Nov-1966 -
Julio M. Fuentes Judge 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals 16-Feb-1946 -
Athol Fugard Playwright The Blood Knot 11-Jun-1932 -
Patrick Fugit Actor Almost Famous 27-Oct-1982 -
Isabelle Fuhrman Actor Orphan 25-Feb-1997 -
Mark Fuhrman Government Former LAPD detective, O. J. Simpson case 05-Feb-1952 -
Susan Fuhrman Educator President, Teachers College, Columbia c. 1943 -
Jerry Fujikawa Actor Salt water bad for glass 18-Feb-1912 30-Apr-1983
Alberto Fujimori Head of State President of Peru, 1990-2000 28-Jul-1938 -
Takeo Fukuda Head of State Prime Minister of Japan, 1976-78 14-Jan-1905 05-Jul-1995
Yasuo Fukuda Politician Prime Minister of Japan, 2007-08 16-Jul-1936 -
Kenichi Fukui Chemist Frontier orbitals 04-Oct-1918 09-Jan-1998
Toshihiko Fukui Government Governor of the Bank of Japan 07-Sep-1935 -
Francis Fukuyama Author The End of History and the Last Man 27-Oct-1952 -
J. William Fulbright Politician Conceived the Fulbright Scholarships 09-Apr-1905 09-Feb-1995
Lucio Fulci Film Director The Beyond 17-Jun-1927 13-Mar-1996
Richard S. Fuld, Jr. Business CEO of Lehman Brothers, 1993-2008 26-Apr-1946 -
Joe Fulks Basketball Scored 63 points in a 1949 NBA game 26-Oct-1921 21-Mar-1976
Alfred C. Fuller Business Founder of Fuller Brush 天天乐棋牌 13-Jan-1885 04-Dec-1973
Charles Fuller Playwright A Soldier's Play 05-Mar-1939 -
Charles E. Fuller Religion Co-Founder, Fuller Theological Seminary 25-Apr-1887 18-Mar-1968
Craig L. Fuller Government Washington lobbyist c. 1951 -
Drew Fuller Actor Chris Halliwell on Charmed 19-May-1980 -
H. Laurance Fuller Business CEO of Amoco, 1991-98 c. 1939 -
Kathryn S. Fuller Administrator World Wildlife Fund CEO, 1989-2005 c. 1946 -
Kurt Fuller Actor Joel on Better with You 16-Sep-1953 -
Margaret Fuller Author Woman in the Nineteenth Century 23-May-1810 19-Jul-1850
Melville W. Fuller Judge US Chief Justice, 1888-1910 11-Feb-1833 04-Jul-1910
R. Buckminster Fuller Architect Futurist, invented the geodesic dome 12-Jul-1895 01-Jul-1983
Robert Fuller Wrestling Former WCW wrestler, manager 14-May-1951 -
Robert Fuller Actor Emergency! 29-Jul-1933 -
Samuel Fuller Film Director Pickup on South Street 12-Aug-1912 30-Oct-1997
Simon Fuller Film/TV Producer American Idol producer 17-May-1960 -
Fiona Fullerton Actor A View to a Kill 10-Oct-1956 -
Emerson U. Fullwood Business VP at Xerox c. 1947 -
Phillip Fulmer Football Head Coach, University of Tennessee 01-Sep-1950 -
Rob Fulop Computer Programmer Demon Attack, Cosmic Ark c. 1958 -
Lowell Fulson Musician West Coast blues guitarist and bandleader 31-Mar-1921 06-Mar-1999
Eileen Fulton Actor As the World Turns 13-Sep-1933 -
Paul Fulton Business President of Sara Lee, 1988-93 c. 1934 -
Rikki Fulton Comic Scotland's beloved comedian 15-Apr-1924 28-Jan-2004
Robert Fulton Inventor Inventor of the submarine and steamboat 14-Nov-1765 24-Feb-1815
Robert D. Fulton Politician Lt. Governor of Iowa, 1962-69 13-May-1929 -
Michael Fumento Author Conservative science writer 04-Jan-1960 -
Robert G. Funari Business CEO of Crescent Healthcare c. 1947 -
John Fund Columnist The Wall Street Journal c. 1956 -
Louis de Funès Actor La Grande vadrouille 31-Jul-1914 27-Jan-1983
Bernard S. Y. Fung Business Aon Asia Pacific c. 1954 -
Annette Funicello Actor Former Mouseketeer 22-Oct-1942 -
Aaron Funk Electronic Musician Venetian Snares 11-Jan-1975 -
Walther Funk Government Reich economic minister 18-Aug-1890 31-May-1960
Grand Verbalizer Funkin-Lesson Rapper Grand Verbalizer, What Time Is It? ? -
Allen Funt Film/TV Producer Producer and host of Candid Camera 16-Sep-1914 05-Sep-1999
Antoine Fuqua Film Director The Replacement Killers 19-Jan-1966 -
Don Fuqua Politician Congressman from Florida, 1963-87 20-Aug-1933 -
Stephen A. Furbacher Business President and COO of Dynegy, 2005-07 c. 1948 -
Robert F. Furchgott Scientist Nitric oxide as a cardiovascular signal 04-Jun-1916 19-May-2009
Harold W. Furchtgott-Roth Government FCC Commissioner, 1997-2001 1957 -
Foster Furcolo Politician Governor of Massachusetts, 1957-61 29-Jul-1911 05-Jul-1995
Robert M. Furek Business Former CEO of Heublein c. 1942 -
Ed Furgol Golf Winner, 1954 US Open 22-Mar-1917 06-Mar-1997
Sidney J. Furie Film Director The Ipcress File 28-Feb-1933 -
Mira Furlan Actor Ambassador Delenn on Babylon 5 07-Sep-1955 -
Edward Furlong Actor Terminator 2 and Pecker 02-Aug-1977 -
Mark F. Furlong Business President of Marshall & Ilsley c. 1958 -
Jason Furman Government Senior Fellow, Brookings Institution c. 1970 -
Yvonne Furneaux Actor La Dolce Vita 11-May-1928 -
Elizabeth Furse Politician Congresswoman from Oregon, 1993-99 13-Oct-1936 -
Stephen Furst Actor Vir on Babylon 5 08-May-1955 -
Nelly Furtado Musician Whoa, Nelly! 02-Dec-1978 -
Frederick P. Furth Attorney Partner, The Furth Firm 12-Apr-1934 -
George Furth Playwright 天天乐棋牌 14-Dec-1932 11-Aug-2008
Wilhelm Furtwängler Conductor Pre-War German conductor 25-Jan-1886 30-Nov-1954
Billy Fury Musician The Sound of Fury 17-Apr-1941 28-Jan-1983
Jim Furyk Golf Winner, 2003 US Open 12-May-1970 -
Jack A. Fusco Business CEO of Calpine c. 1963 -
Paul Fussell Historian The Great War and Modern Memory 22-Mar-1924 23-May-2012
Leo R. Futia Business Former Chairman of Guardian Life 27-Aug-1919 -
J. Marion Futrell Politician Twice Governor of Arkansas 14-Aug-1870 20-Jun-1955
Ellen V. Futter Educator President of Barnard College, 1980-93 21-Sep-1949 -
Dan Futterman Actor Vincent on Judging Amy 08-Jun-1967 -
Johann Joseph Fux Composer Gradus ad Parnassum c. 1660 13-Feb-1741
J. Erik Fyrwald Business CEO of Nalco Holding c. 1959 -

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